Windows 8 Will be Released in October

Microsoft confirmed the Release date of the Windows 8 it will be released in October. Final copy of Windows 8 will be available in early august but General availability when the software and devices are available in stores is expected in late October according to some reports. Microsoft revealed in late May that an announcement was due “within two months,” and an early August date appears to be in line with the company’s initial expectations. Microsoft has been compiling final versions of the operating system recently, which include new features and the removal of Microsoft’s Aero Glass UI in desktop mode.

Microsoft Windows 8 is completely different from its earlier operating system versions. Following the rising popularity of Android and Apple tablets Microsoft makes the operating system which can face them in the market and Windows 8 is the operating system which can run on the desktops and tablets also. Microsoft adds various features to the windows 8 over its previous versions.

In Windows 8 their is the Live tiles similar to the Windows phone 7 called as Metro Interface which replaces the Start menu and desktop from the earlier versions in Windows 8.Microsoft provides the online store for apps and games like Android app store and Apple app store. The new Windows Store takes some ideas from Android and Apple’s mobile app stores, and users swipe right-to-left across screens for more options.

Microsoft also recently announced that Windows 8 Pro will cost just $40 to upgrade from 7, Vista, and XP, a radical price drop from past Windows upgrades. It’s clear Microsoft realizes Windows 8 is a major change to how people use Windows, so consumers will need a little push, starting with a surprisingly reasonable price.

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