Windows 7 Hinting Towards First Place On Popularity Meter

After over 9 years of kingdom by Windows XP over world’s popular Operating System, it’s Title will be snatched away from it by the same company’s build, Microsoft Windows 7. Windows 7 is going to overtake XP in just 3 years of its launch according to analytics providing firm, Net Applications.

Going in detail, Windows XP’s share is continuously declining after Windows 7 launch. The table below depicts XP’s decline and rise of the Windows 7:

Windows 7 Hinting Towards First Place On Popularity Meter

Last month Windows 7 users were 41.6% which is an increase, registered by 1.3% over last month. Windows XP’s downfall continues on the other hand with decline of 1.1% users and total users’ base shrinked to 43.6. According to analytical firm Net Applications:

[quote]Based on trends Windows 7 may surpass Windows XP in usage share [in July][/quote]

If we go on wider analytics, both Windows 7 and Windows XP, user base is near about 92% which  is almost 100%. The remaining 8% space on the pie chart is consumed by Apple’s Mac, Linux and other OSs. Above mentioned data is collected on the basis of 160 million unique visitors browsing some 40,000 Web sites.

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