What’s The Difference Between Optical, Laser, WiFi And Bluetooth Mouse

Mouse is one of the best and most useful device on a Computer. It is the device which senses the motion, clicks and then sends it to Computer which process it and do the desired action. With passage of time, several inventions came up which provided us different types of Mouse. Now we have Optical, Laser, WiFi And Bluetooth Mouse. Above listed mouses are divided into wireless and wireline basis. So lets focus on these types.

Optical Mouse

These days, Optical Mouse is the most used and trusted type of mouse. An optical mouse uses a little LED (usually red) as the track device and you need to use it on a non-reflective surface (such as a mouse pad). It uses a little LED to illuminate a surface, and a camera chip by taking microscopic snapshots of the working surface at a rate of more than 1,000 images per second to track motion of the surface under the camera. Optical mouse is the modified version of wheeled mice as it provides smoother response to actions. Optical mouse is a fully electronic device as there are no mechanical motions present in this Mouse which eliminates mechanical failures. It doesn’t require a mouse pad or any other special surface. This Mouse is available in both wireless and wireline modes.

Laser Mouse

Its the upgraded version of Optical Mouse which uses Laser Beam rather than old trackback and old LED. Presence of Laser Beam increases the resolution of the image. The laser enables around 20 times more surface tracking power to the surface used for navigation. There are two types of mouses which are differentiated in this type and namely they are:

  • Glaser Mice
  • Dark Field Mice

The laser mouse can reflect from almost any surface. The laser mouse moves very smoothly and accurately. These are also available in wireless and wireline mode.

WiFi and Bluetooth Mouse

These are wireless Mouses which uses Bluetooth and WiFi radios. These consist of one more hardware client known as Receiver and is connected through USB ports. Receiver receives information via Bluetooth and WiFi radios and sends it to processing unit. Modern Mouses use nano receivers which has been redesigned to save space and make it compact. Its compactness allows users to plug it into USB ports. Users can buy Optical and Laser Mouses if they want wireless Mice with WiFi and Bluetooth radios.

There are many other type of mouses but they are specialized for specific work. The other Mouses are Inertial and gyroscopic mice, 3D mice, Tactile mice and Ergonomic mouse. So Guys share your views via Comments.

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