What To Do If You Mistakenly Spilled Water On Your Phone Or Laptop

Many times we mistakenly spill water on our Phones or Laptops. But many people don’t know what to do if any liquid is spilled on your device. People do a mistake again by switching on their device after spilling. Keep the below mentioned points in your mind and these will help you to save your devcie:

  1. There is a higher tendency that Liquid would seep through and go below to the motherboard. So to minimize damages you need to switch off your Laptop or Mobile. After that pull out your device’s battery.
  2. Pull out the water as soon as possible as removing it as fast we will help us to sustain from major damages. As prone parts of Mobile and Laptops are properly sealed. So take no time and take out water as quickly you can.(If water is spilled in high amount)
  3. Don’t shake or stir the laptop. (If water spilled is not in high volume).
  4. Keep it tilted or upside down for a few hours. (for Laptops)
  5. After that you need to de-assemble your laptop or Mobile’s parts. Keep in mind and don’t turn on your laptop or mobile.
  6. Then with a drier or any other heating source like blower, etc. make the device and all of its parts dry before turning it on.
  7. Wait for more than 24 hours before starting or turning it on.

One more method is there i.e DIY technology. Check out that in a video below:

In most of the cases you should be able to use your laptop after following these steps.

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