What is Google Fiber?

Google Fiber is the Broadband Internet Network to be introduced on 26th July 2012. The Google Fiber Project was announced in early 2010. In this project, fiber-optic cables are used which transfer data very fast .In March 2011 Google selected Kansas City for the first implementation of their project. The company’s blog designed for News on its coming ultra-high-speed Internet network in Kansas City, posted a notice at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday saying it will fill in some blanks on July 26.

By Google Fiber Google Provides the Broadband Internet to people with the great speed upto 1Gigabit, delivering Internet speeds roughly 100 times faster than the national broadband average. While the the average national broadband speed is 4Mb/s which is quite low.

Google’s Gigabit network enables numerous applications that are not feasible via today’s slower broadband connections, including live 3D video and the ability to download HD movies in minutes, not hours and on the price, Google says its Gigabit service will be priced competitively.



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