What Are Ultrabooks?

Mainly we may define Ultrabooks as the next generation of Laptops. Intel introduced this word “Ultrabook” and framed rules for companies to call their Laptop an Ultrabook. Here are some rules by Intel:

  • Responsiveness and Availability
  • Security features
  • HD Media and mainstream gaming capabilities
  • Long battery life / high efficiency
  • Mainstream processing performance
  • Competitive price

The key of an ultrabook is the design which shows its sleekness and thinness. The best ultrabooks feature clear screens with high-definition quality and quick start-up times, both from sleep mode and from off. Many top models have screen sizes of 14 inches and Intel HD Graphics cards. The weight of the Ultrabooks is also half of the traditional laptops and it vary around 1.5kg. We had reviewed many Ultrabooks in past and on the behalf of them we are going to show the main aspects which we found in every Ultrabook.


There are big problem for manufacturers to fit the powerful components in slim designs. But they are able to put the Intel i series processors with the clocking speed at 1.6 GHz to 2.9 GHz. Which can process at very fast rate.


Design is one of the unique features of the ultrabooks because these are very ultrathin type of the Laptop it looks as almost as the text book you could not even feel that you are containing ultrabook in your Bag.

Battery life

This also is the prominent feature of the ultrabook where as in standard laptop their is the battery life upto 4-5 hours but in ultrabook their exist the battery life upto 9 hours.


Some ultrabooks have more RAM than standard laptops but have less storage space because in ultrabooks Solid State Drives are used which have no moving parts in it as in HDD their is a Read/Write head which moves when Read/Write operations are perform. Solid State Drives are fast as compared to HDD.

As stated above the features of ultrabook, it is the need of the time that people want more compact laptops along with them ultrabooks having more advanced in it than laptops. Stay tuned to us at blog.mirchimart.com for further information.

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