Toshiba C850 series are laptops with just what you need for everyday computing. Its build quality is very good among the other laptops with AMD Dual Core E1-1200 processor it also have the 500 GB hard disk. You will be impressed by the list of multimedia features. So you can enjoy your movies and games in beautiful HD on the 39.6 cm ClearSuper View display with LED backlighting along with great sound.

It is powered with Hi-Speed start with 30% Faster boot up , USB 3.0 10X faster transfer which 10X speed USB 3.0 communication between your laptop and external devices Connect Other external multimedia devices with your laptop seamlessly.Watch important videos in large HD screens through built-in HDMI port.

An innovation that corrects sound according to the speaker’s character.Toshiba Audio Enhancement corrects the sound according to the speaker‘s character. It improves the audio output by controlling Digital Saturation and by Dynamically changing the equalizer based on the characteristic of the sound source.

ON its price see how its best among  the other laptops in the same range

Comparison of Toshiba C850 series vs other laptops in the Same range

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