Things To Remember before Buying a Tablet

Tablet is basically the enlarged version of the smartphone tasks which are not done on the phones because of small screen is solved. By the Tablets the users can easily and quickly do their work. You should be careful while buying a tablet because their are many options available now days. Go through the certain things while purchasing.

Operating System

Narrowing down to a particular brand of Tablet as a first step is a false start. It is actually the Operating System that is at the core of a Tablet device . Their are options available in the market you can buy the iOS powered iPad,Android it is the platform which is growing very rapidly in the market by its features and now Microsoft also makes the OS Windows 8 for tablet which will be coming with the surface tablet. You can select from these companies they are the TOP Competitors you can go for Android at present because it provides more options and features than others.


Screen size is very important while you buying a tablet. The size of the tablet matters because everybody has its own comfort while working and knows how big screen he needs. Generally 7inch is the standard size of the tablet.In market 10inch tablet versions are also very popular its becomes more easy and for users to do their work and do it quickly.


To do the work quickly on your tablet and run all the apps and games on it you have to focus on the Processor and RAM of the Tablet. The Standard for a good tablet is 1 GHz processsor and 1GB of RAM above this is pretty cool.


Apps help achieve customization of the highest order to fit the exact requirements of a user. Free and paid apps available to download can help enhane the usability experience of the end user. App store maintained by Apple Inc is a clear leader when it comes to the total number of applications. Google Play app store closely follows the iTunes app store as maintained by Apple. The irony is that not all devices running on Android OS support get access to the main Google Play app marketplace. In this department Apple had the upper hand.


Many tablets can also connect to monitor displays and televisions via an HDMI cable. This is great if you have video content on your tablet that you can then play on the bigger screen. For internet surfing device should have the Wifi and GPRS connectivity.

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