Things to Remember before Buying a Laptop

Today while buying a Laptop, a person may be confused with the various configurations available in the market from various manufacturers. Buying a Laptop is not easy because you are not only focused on the performance but on various other features like GPU , Light weight which is easy to carry etc. Now let us see the various factors which we must keep in our mind before buying a Laptop.

Choose your Variant of Laptop

Now a days there  are many types of Laptops like Ultrabooks which are very light weight and thin and their performance is also very good but they are a bit expensive. Another type of Laptops are Netbooks which are very small in size and with very less weight and these are available at a very low cost. Desktop version of Laptops which come with the 17-18 inch screen and with big keyboards by these you can do your everyday work very easily. You may even select the Laptop which is easily portable and easy to carry.


When its comes to the choice of processor you should buy the fastest one that you can afford. Two main companies are Intel and AMD which further have different series of processors like Intel Pentium, Intel Celeron, Intel i series and AMD has AMD C series, AMD E series,etc. Intel Processors are more powerful and reliable than the AMD’s. Intel’s  i series is the latest in the market with i3, i5, i7 processors. A person who is going to buy the laptop should not select just by the name but he/she should check the clocking speed of the processor.


Sunlight is not ideal for computing — specifically, for seeing the screen. If you want to work outdoors, you’ll need to hunt for a matte screen. While some consumer laptops have matte screens, most come with glossy screens, maximising reflections and making it hard to see anything when outside. As a general rule of the thumb, most business laptops still come with matte screens, and some laptops, like the MacBook Pro 15, have matte options if you’re willing to pay a little more. You should pay attention on the size of the screen and a smaller screen would be good to easily carry and do your work on it.

Video Card and GPU

If you are planing to play 3D games and want to do Graphics related work then the video card or graphics card is very necessary and as now a days graphics are used widely so a different processing unit is included into the systems for graphics and for smooth run of 3D games. In this section you also get the choice to have Nvidia or AMD GPU’s. Nvidia gives the better performance but it is also costlier than the AMD Radeon.


When it comes to the harddisk there are also options available today to select from HDD and SSD. HDD is the conventional data storage drive which can read or write data with the help of the READ/WRITE head. But in SSD there is no READ/WRITE head but it is  fast than the HDD in reading data and writing. SSD is costlier than HDD but if you don’t mind the cost on performance, then select SSD.


Connectivity of the Laptop is very important now a days because when you are not at home then if you want to send an important mail then you should have connected to internet through WiFi or other options through which you can access the internet. like USB dongles etc. Now in a standard laptop, there will be USB 2.0 ports but now if you want to buy then you should look for USB 3.0. You should also look for Bluetooth 4.0

Battery Life

To do important tasks, do long calculations and play 3D games, your laptops battery should have good battery backup. The typical batteries have an mAh rating of between 2000mAh and 6000mAh; which approximately have 4-5 hours backup any thing better than this will be good.

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