Things to consider Before Buying a Mobile

Do you want to buy a mobile? Here are some basic things which you should look at before buying a mobile phone. Today buying a mobile is very confusing and difficult because hundreds of different kinds of phones are available in the market with a wide range of features from simple calling to the great music and latest news. Today, mobiles are not only used for calling, Mobiles are used for the various features like weather updates , stock market updates and with all this that mobile will also keep us in touch with our friends. The phone which contains all these features is called the smartphone and the smartphone market is growing very fast. Now lets see the things which we should remember before buying a mobile.


Call Quality

Some of the most simple phones offer the best call quality but sometimes some fancy smartphones offer dismal calling. This is because the manufacturer companies, at times, just make a phone which runs various apps perfectly and all their focus is on its processor and all and they do not bother much about quality calling. A person before buying  a mobile must test it by calling in a quiet room and in a busy place which is quite noisy by which you can understand whether it suites you or not.


Some of the phones come with large touchscreens which help the users to do their work easily and quickly but these have qwerty keypads but some people do not want to use touch screens and are not comfortable with it. Person buying the mobile should check the phone whether it is comfortable against his/her ear while calling. Check whether you can use that mobile with your one hand too.


Manufacturers are giving more attention towards the resolution and the millions of colors but no one talks about the sunlight legibility of those displays. In place of seeing what’s on the screen, you will be staring at your own reflection when you go outside under the afternoon sun and your mobile may not have sunlight legibility. A good display is one that shows the information you are searching for whether you are indoor or outdoor. Also, it should protect your eyes by giving you a better viewing angle.

Operating system

Operating system you choose will greatly affect the capabilities of your phone. The most popular operating systems today are Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS which is only used in iPhone and Windows Phone. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and you should choose which suites you better.


Connectivity is one of those features which help us to surf wireless web through WiFi,GPRS, Bluetooth ,EDGE. As in todays mobile phones there are tons of apps which require internet so at that time a phone’s connectivity features come to action and provide the internet facility.


If you want to take lots of  photos with your phone then you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the camera specs. The 5Mp camera is the standard for any good quality phone. Some high-end phones also have the 8-12 mega pixels. The higher megapixels don’t necessarily mean its a better camera. It should have features like auto-focus, Flash, etc. Now a days almost all camera phones have the capability to make videos. Some high end phones have the ability to make videos at full HD 1080p. A person should check the camera by clicking pictures indoors and outdoors to have an idea of what type of camera it is.

Battery Life

Today in mobiles, users run lots of apps at a time because they want their work in quick time. Running these apps consumes more power so to use perfectly all the features of a mobile phone, the mobile should have a good battery like having at least 48 to 100 hours of stand time.

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