Sony Xperia P Will get ICS in Couple of weeks

Sony Xperia P is a Good looking Smartphone with the brightest displays you’ll find on Smartphones now a days. But it is still stuck with the Android 2.3. This news comes after the company released Firmware updates for its Xperia U device that Xperia P will get Ice Cream Sandwich in a couple of weeks.

As mentioned on the Facebook page of Sony Mobile, the new software will start rolling out later this month, between August 19 and 25. So there you have it, Sony Xperia P owners – the wait is almost over. Expect getting an update notification later this month, or just check for it manually by going to Settings>About phone>Software update if you are really impatient. Just don’t be too frustrated if your handset does not get Ice Cream Sandwich right away as these major software updates roll out in batches and usually take a while to complete.