It’s no surprise that the war between Mac and PC users has been going on for ages. But now- a- days, Ultrabooks (the PC world’s answer to the MacBook Air) are getting better day by day. Models such as the Asus Zenbook, HP Envy and Dell XPS are a credit to the breed. We will take a closer look to evaluate the important features and technical specifications of both the Macs and the PCs.

Operating System Versions - Market ShareMac operating system has traditionally been more stable than Windows. The main reason for this is that Apple used to produce both the hardware (Mac computer) and the software (Mac operating system). They had better control over the integration of the entire system. Now Apple uses the same architecture as a PC, but is selective about the components within the system to ensure stability. Since the Windows operating system can run on hundreds of different types of computers, variations in hardware configurations within those computers can cause stability problems. Now three years old, Windows 7 offers PC users superb speed, stability and functionality – with very few problems.
Winner: Tie

MAC into a PC (and vice verse)
A MAC can run Windows on it(By installing software like Boot Camp) whereas Apple does not allow the use of its operating system on non-Apple hardware. So a Windows PC cannot run Mac OS X.
Winner- Mac

Apple spends years sweating design details. As a result Macs are known for their elegant designs and stunning lines. Attractive colors and curvy looks make the MAC aesthetically more appealing than the PC. PCs have also come a long way in changing their looks. New generation ultrabooks are getting its looks closer to that of the Mac but it depends upon the PC manufacturer.
Winner: Mac

User Interface
The most noticeable difference between Macs and PCs is in the user interfaces. While both have a graphic user interface, Mac was the pioneer of the GUI technology and still continues to be the masters of it. But here we cannot say PCs have bad GUI, it totally depends upon personal preferences.
Winner- Tie (depends on user preference)

Traditionally PCs have had the upper hand when it comes to gaming because more publishers developed games for the PC platform and PCs have also provided more powerful processors and speed is an important criterion when it comes to gaming.
Winner- PC

Hardware - Mac vs PCBoth computer runs on same architecture and processor (generally intel’s processor ) but as discussed above the Mac OS and hardware are designed for each other but PCs have different hardware configurations like Macs typically have smaller hard drives than PCs and Macs have the memory between 1 to 4gb while PCs have anywhere from 2gb to 8gb.
Winner- tie game

Both systems support most open-source software’s. Software for both systems is user friendly and easy to learn. For the average user, this may be more of a tie. But if you’re a finance person or a gamer, you know the Mac finishes a poor second.

Adobe programs and other major software titles are very similar or identical on both platforms. If a game-maker even deigns to make a Mac version of a title, it will come out months after the PC release. Instrumentation and general application software’s are generally made for PCs.
Winner: PC

PCs and Macs can usually share peripherals if they connect via USB, FireWire, or Bluetooth, Most popular applications for Mac and PC use the same file formats, making it simple to exchange documents with friends and coworkers or move existing files from a PC to a Mac.
Winner- tie game

When you are choosing Mac then you accept a compromise that you cannot upgrade your Mac. You can’t even replace the RAM in a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro with retina display because the memory is soldered to the logic board. With PCs, it’s easy to swap out drives and sound and graphic cards, or even build a custom PC from the ground up, if you’re reasonably handy.
Winner: PC

Mac computers are inherently more secure than PCs. Macs are rarely the target of malware attacks and no notable virus has been written specifically to attack the brand. The reduced number of its users also allows the company to focus much of their strategy on excellent technical support and security measures while PCs have maximum number of users and hence maximum virus are made for PCs. Yet you’re secure on a PC when you have an antivirus software installed – and can withstand a hit.
Winner: Tie game

Some of the highly engineered Ultrabooks have finally caught up to or dipped under the Rs. 55,000/- entry-level price tag for MacBook Air. But most PC users can buy a perfectly good laptop or desktop for around Rs 30,000/-.
Winner: PC

Mac Users
Mac computers are most widely used in the creative professional market, including journalism and desktop publishing, video editing and audio editing, and have also made inroads into the educative and scientific research sectors. PCs are also used with some of the video and audio editing and research purposes but are found largely as the Home or Office Computer. PCs are also widely used in gaming due to a wider variety of games available for the Windows platform.

PC UsersSo which one is better – a Mac or PC? That really depends on what the user wants to do and is comfortable with. Weigh the pros and cons based on your work needs and personal requirements to get the best out of the brand and model of your choice. Well, the sole purpose of this post is to show you all the facts about both types of Computers, and let you decide. After all, the only person who knows you the best is YOU!


Windows To Go: To Use Windows 8 From USB

On Monday at Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft demonstrated one more feature of its new Operating System Windows 8. The Feature out of box is Windows To Go, which allows users to store or install Windows 8 on the USB and then use it on any compatible Computer Machine. Windows To Go will put all your settings and Apps on USB once used. Similar function like this is already available at many other Operating Systems like Linux.

Many Windows users will find it useful once released. But what’s the size of OS when it will be expanded on USB? the size you will require on USB stick should be 32 GB or +. Microsoft is supposed to launch full version of Windows 8 in October and it will cost $40 to upgrade from Windows 7, XP, and Vista. Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows is also suggested to be different from its older versions.

So guys do you like this new feature.

Windows 8 Will be Released in October

Microsoft confirmed the Release date of the Windows 8 it will be released in October. Final copy of Windows 8 will be available in early august but General availability when the software and devices are available in stores is expected in late October according to some reports. Microsoft revealed in late May that an announcement was due “within two months,” and an early August date appears to be in line with the company’s initial expectations. Microsoft has been compiling final versions of the operating system recently, which include new features and the removal of Microsoft’s Aero Glass UI in desktop mode.

Microsoft Windows 8 is completely different from its earlier operating system versions. Following the rising popularity of Android and Apple tablets Microsoft makes the operating system which can face them in the market and Windows 8 is the operating system which can run on the desktops and tablets also. Microsoft adds various features to the windows 8 over its previous versions.

In Windows 8 their is the Live tiles similar to the Windows phone 7 called as Metro Interface which replaces the Start menu and desktop from the earlier versions in Windows 8.Microsoft provides the online store for apps and games like Android app store and Apple app store. The new Windows Store takes some ideas from Android and Apple’s mobile app stores, and users swipe right-to-left across screens for more options.

Microsoft also recently announced that Windows 8 Pro will cost just $40 to upgrade from 7, Vista, and XP, a radical price drop from past Windows upgrades. It’s clear Microsoft realizes Windows 8 is a major change to how people use Windows, so consumers will need a little push, starting with a surprisingly reasonable price.

Windows 7 Hinting Towards First Place On Popularity Meter

After over 9 years of kingdom by Windows XP over world’s popular Operating System, it’s Title will be snatched away from it by the same company’s build, Microsoft Windows 7. Windows 7 is going to overtake XP in just 3 years of its launch according to analytics providing firm, Net Applications.

Going in detail, Windows XP’s share is continuously declining after Windows 7 launch. The table below depicts XP’s decline and rise of the Windows 7:

Windows 7 Hinting Towards First Place On Popularity Meter

Last month Windows 7 users were 41.6% which is an increase, registered by 1.3% over last month. Windows XP’s downfall continues on the other hand with decline of 1.1% users and total users’ base shrinked to 43.6. According to analytical firm Net Applications:

[quote]Based on trends Windows 7 may surpass Windows XP in usage share [in July][/quote]

If we go on wider analytics, both Windows 7 and Windows XP, user base is near about 92% which  is almost 100%. The remaining 8% space on the pie chart is consumed by Apple’s Mac, Linux and other OSs. Above mentioned data is collected on the basis of 160 million unique visitors browsing some 40,000 Web sites.

Apple Macs Penetrating Into Windows Dominated PC Enterprise

According to recent report from Gartner Apple Macs are invading Windows PC market at fast pace. Windows PC Market is decreasing but it will take many years for Macs to  make it through Windows and becoming first in the Market. The world is still PC dominated but Macs are gaining space fastly Windows is not challenged to Tablet technologies.

According to report world’s 90% desktops still run Windows which makes it the biggest platform running on any electronic device. Linux and other OS also constitute around 4% machines running on it. Now coming onto Apple it takes 5% share in world market but Gartner says 64% enterprising will likely allow more Macs into the enterprise over the next few years.

Gartner analyst Silver said that Mac costs more on Hardware, Software and Support. But Silver also added that its easy to manage Macs than in a Windows dominated PC Enterprise. Here’s the Price of Windows and Macs hardware and software:


     Mac     Windows
Software and Hardware      $1,622      $1,513
Labor Cost         $636         $781


Averaging costs Macs are slightly expensive than windows. Silver also added that different companies have different experience with Macs some says its expensive and for some its packed with different experience. To make Mac hit [quote]“Most organizations have to support some Mac infrastructure,”[/quote] said Silver. Recently there is one more addition to Apple’s Mac lineup as they announced MacBook Pro with Retina Display making its resolution to 2880 x 1800 pixels and it would cost you around $2,199.