Windows To Go: To Use Windows 8 From USB

On Monday at Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft demonstrated one more feature of its new Operating System Windows 8. The Feature out of box is Windows To Go, which allows users to store or install Windows 8 on the USB and then use it on any compatible Computer Machine. Windows To Go will put all your settings and Apps on USB once used. Similar function like this is already available at many other Operating Systems like Linux.

Many Windows users will find it useful once released. But what’s the size of OS when it will be expanded on USB? the size you will require on USB stick should be 32 GB or +. Microsoft is supposed to launch full version of Windows 8 in October and it will cost $40 to upgrade from Windows 7, XP, and Vista. Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows is also suggested to be different from its older versions.

So guys do you like this new feature.