Microsoft starts the Pre-Orders in several countries

Recently Microsoft announced their first Windows 8 tablet. It’s name is Surface tablet first. It will be launched in US on October 26th and after U.S. it will be launched in other countries. It has 10.6″ inch Capacitive touch display with Gorilla Glass to protect it from scratches and being broken. Surface Tablet  has a 10.6″, 16:9 widescreen HD Display.

The tablet is only 9.3 mm thin and has 2 USB ports, including one USB power port which allows you charge your smartphone and other devices. It has a weight of around 1.5 lbs or 0.6 Kg. The device will come in two options in terms of operating system one with Windows 8RT and other is Windows 8 Pro. The tablet also has micro SD card slot which increases the storage capacity and it also has inbuilt memory around 32 GB, 64 GB or 128Gb depending on the model you choose.

In U.S. the initial stock of Surface RT devices has almost sold out and Microsoft promised October 26th delivery of the product. After this tablet will released in UK after a week  of the launch in U.S.

Samsung Unveils New Breed Of Windows 8 Ultrabooks, Tablets

Every manufacturer is now looking for Windows 8 as its official release is near, even you can now pre-order windows 8 for upgrade. Samsung shows off their new breed of Windows 8 Ultrabooks and Tablets in New York. Samsung America consumer electronics head, Tim Baxter, says:

Tablets and smartphones are ushering in a new era of computing mobility. New categories will arise as a result of this.

Samsung’s Windows 8 Ultrabook lineup begins with Series 5 Ultra Touch which is starting from $809.99 for core i3 processor while 13.3-inch Series 5 Ultra Touch, which boasts a touch screen with Intel Core i5 edition will cost $860. Check out table below for more information on other products that Samsung showed off today:

Samsung ATIV Smart PCs (hybrid laptop/tablets)

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T — $1,200
ATIV Smart PC 500T — $750 (with keyboard) / $650 (without keyboard)

Samsung Mobile PCs (laptops)

Series 9 Premium Ultrabook — $1,400 (15 inch), $1,300 (13 inch)
Series 7 Notebook — $1,100 (15 inch)
Series 5 Ultra Touch (13.3-inch touch screen laptop) — $860 (Core i5), $810 (Core i3)
Series 3 Notebook — $450 – $900 depending on configuration

Samsung All-in-One PCs (desktops)

Series 7 All-in-One — $1,700 (27 inch); $1100 (23.6 inch)
Series 5 All-in-One — $800 (21.5 inch)

Readers if you are waiting for Windows 8 machines then add these devices to your list as they’re powered with powerful hardware and software as we know (Windows 8).

So how many of you are going to upgrade their machines to Windows 8?

Microsoft Drops the “Metro” from The Windows 8 UI

Microsoft has been forced to drop the “Metro” Name for Windows 8′s user interface as in Europe there is a Trademark Dispute with the Retail gaint Metro AG. Microsoft said they are currently working out what to call the interface and said the new name would be announced soon. But on many websites there are news that Microsoft swaps the name as the “New User Interface”.

At the Windows 8 Consumer Preview launch in Barcelona earlier this year, Microsoft handed out a product guide that included a brief section on Metro style app principles.[quote]“More than just an app platform, Metro style is a design philosophy that helps you build attractive, easy-to-use apps that will delight your customers with their intuitive and common interaction model”,[/quote] the guide said.

It is a big set back for Microsoft to change the name of its user interface as it is used on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone and has been called “Metro” ever since Microsoft started showing off its designs for the software. Its difficult for them to change just before the official launch of Windows 8.


Windows 8 Final version Leaked online

Month before the official launch of the Microsoft Windows 8. The day after Microsoft claims that it completes the development cycle of the new operating system, the final copy of the Windows 8 leaked on various file sharing sites. But it said the relatively small size of the torrent file – 2.83 GB – may raise doubts if it is indeed the real deal, the site added.

[quote]“The ISO is named MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.8.ENTERPRISE-N.RTM.X64.VOLUMN.ENGLISH.NON_BOOT_DVD-SAMOVARWZT, the fact that the ISO is a tiny 2.83GB is strange, it could mean that the ISO doesn’t include a boot.wim file, hence the reason the words NON_BOOT_DVD are included in the name of the ISO. If this is the case, then it’s going to require some work in getting this to install,”[/quote]
The version leaked is an “N” edition of Windows 8 which does not include a bundled copy of Windows Media Player. Microsoft was forced to create the special N editions of Windows after the European Commission ruled in 2004 that it needed to provide a copy of Windows without Windows Media Player tied in. We reached out to Microsoft to comment and the company says it’s not discussing the leak.

Windows To Go: To Use Windows 8 From USB

On Monday at Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft demonstrated one more feature of its new Operating System Windows 8. The Feature out of box is Windows To Go, which allows users to store or install Windows 8 on the USB and then use it on any compatible Computer Machine. Windows To Go will put all your settings and Apps on USB once used. Similar function like this is already available at many other Operating Systems like Linux.

Many Windows users will find it useful once released. But what’s the size of OS when it will be expanded on USB? the size you will require on USB stick should be 32 GB or +. Microsoft is supposed to launch full version of Windows 8 in October and it will cost $40 to upgrade from Windows 7, XP, and Vista. Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows is also suggested to be different from its older versions.

So guys do you like this new feature.

Windows 8 Will be Released in October

Microsoft confirmed the Release date of the Windows 8 it will be released in October. Final copy of Windows 8 will be available in early august but General availability when the software and devices are available in stores is expected in late October according to some reports. Microsoft revealed in late May that an announcement was due “within two months,” and an early August date appears to be in line with the company’s initial expectations. Microsoft has been compiling final versions of the operating system recently, which include new features and the removal of Microsoft’s Aero Glass UI in desktop mode.

Microsoft Windows 8 is completely different from its earlier operating system versions. Following the rising popularity of Android and Apple tablets Microsoft makes the operating system which can face them in the market and Windows 8 is the operating system which can run on the desktops and tablets also. Microsoft adds various features to the windows 8 over its previous versions.

In Windows 8 their is the Live tiles similar to the Windows phone 7 called as Metro Interface which replaces the Start menu and desktop from the earlier versions in Windows 8.Microsoft provides the online store for apps and games like Android app store and Apple app store. The new Windows Store takes some ideas from Android and Apple’s mobile app stores, and users swipe right-to-left across screens for more options.

Microsoft also recently announced that Windows 8 Pro will cost just $40 to upgrade from 7, Vista, and XP, a radical price drop from past Windows upgrades. It’s clear Microsoft realizes Windows 8 is a major change to how people use Windows, so consumers will need a little push, starting with a surprisingly reasonable price.