What you should know about Graphics Card ?

Graphics Cards are mainly known for better Graphics in Games among Children on Workstations or Home PCs but Graphic Cards are not just that much. So we are here again to make you aware of what Graphics cards are and what you should know before buying a new Graphics Card. Let’s start over with what it is:

Also known as Video Card, a Graphics card is a piece of hardware installed in a computer’s motherboard that is responsible for rendering the image on the computer’s monitor or display screen. There are various varieties of Graphics card  with varying features, use and Price range. Mainly the price range starts from US$20 and with inclusion of various features it goes over US$2,400.

The job of a Graphics Card

Every pixel on the display is translated from binary data to picture or any appropriate data with the help of Graphics card. CPU sends data from any software to Graphics Card and then Graphics Card decides how to stretch pixels on the screen. Then formed image is headed to monitor screen and is served to us.

Considerations For Buying:

  • Best Resolution  - Graphics card works as a translator to convert binary data from CPU to an image displayed in form of millions of pixels on your computer’s monitor. Make sure that the graphics card you choose is capable of displaying the best resolution that your computer’s monitor can support.
  • On-Board Memory – The graphics card works very hard to render images to the screen. The binary data for each  graphic image is considerably higher than that of any other ordinary file and hence that must be processed by the graphics or video card. To avoid dependency on your computer’s RAM, good graphics card have their own resident memory and Graphics Processing Unit. Better the On-Board Memory, faster will be the performance.

Enjoy best visual experiences by getting best graphics cards for your PC.