Gift Ideas For Teacher’s Day


As today is the teachers day ,  I know we are late little bit, sorry for that. Lets start with what is teacher’s day and why it is celebrated  Actually its celebrated to honor teachers. In various countries there are various reasons to celebrate this on different dates. But in India we have declared September  5 as Teacher’s day on behalf  of birthday of  Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

So now its time how to wish and present gift to your Teacher. So we have few ideas, you can look at them below:

1. Pen drive which can come in wallet - large sized pen drive (64 gb) — easy to carry lots of data.
2. Printers – easy for Teachers to take print outs for assignments and quiz & low cost printing at home.
3. Web Cams to enable long distance classes and to catch up with teachers online.
4. Tablets to help teachersbe cool with knowledge at their fingertips.
You can  also look at our Teacher’s Day Portal at Mirchimart Store.