Difference Between SSD and HDD

Earlier the PC buyers had very little choice in the primary storage section of their PC’s, Netbooks, Laptops, Ultrabooks. But now, as the technology upgrades the new technology came called SSD (Solid state disk) which very fast as compare to the HDD (Hard disk drive). All though the SSD is expensive than HDD, but if performance and fast bootup are top consideration, and money is secondary, then SSD is the way to go. We have described SSD and HDD in detail and compared them for you.

HDD -  Hard Disk Drive

HDD - Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk Drives are first introduced in 1956. It is the traditional primary storage drives which are used by all of us. HDD basically use the magnetism to store data on rotating platter. Then Read/Write heads move on the platter to perform reading and writing operations. Typically now days laptop drives spin at either 5400 RPM (Revolutions per Minute) or 7200RPM. While the core HDD ideas are simple enough, allowing manufacturers to produce high capacity drives at very low prices. Cost HDD is only around $0.10 / GB these days. Major advantage of an HDD is that it is capable of storing lots of data cheaply.

SDD - Solid State Disk

Solid State Disk is the new technology which came in 1994. By coming of this technology to the market gives the option to the PC users from which they can choose between SSD and HDD. You all are familiar with the USB memory sticks the SSD is the oversized and more sophisticated version of the USB memory sticks. Unlike HDD there are no moving parts in SSD the data is stored in the in microchips. SSD uses NAND based flash memory which is non volatile in nature in which if we turn off the disk the data stored in it does not vanished.  During the early days of SSD rumors that data stored in these drives will be lost after few years but this is not ture the data saved in these drive will be maintained well over 200 years.

SDD - Solid State Disk

SSD does not have the Read Write head instead of it these disks have embedded processor called controller which perform the Read Write operations. SSD drives generally have low capacities and high prices as compared to HDD ,SSD drives are much expensive than HDD.

Now let’s do some comparison and determine which one is better SSD or HDD.

  • Power – SSD consumes less power approximately 2-3watts while HDD consumes 6-7Watts which means by using SSD we can boost our battery of our laptops.
  • Capacity - Typically SSD are not larger than 256GB but HDD have more greater sizes available 500GB-1TB for notebooks.
  • Bootup Time - The booting time of the system is less while using SSD approximatly 20-25 seconds while HDD takes more time for booting.
  • Noise and Vibration - As in HDD their is a Read Write head which wile moving on the platter makes noise and spinning of platter produces vibration from this point of view SSD are better because in SSD there is not any Read Write head and platters it has processor to do read write operations which does not make noise. 
  • CostThe cost of SSD is higher  than HDD .
  • File Copy / Write Speed - Generally speed of SSD is above 200 MB/s and up to 500 MB/s for cutting edge drives which is quite more than the speed of HDD from 50 – 120MB / s.