Security Flaw Discovered For Samsung Android Phones

If you are using Samsung Android, then this Article is for you. Security Researcher revealed a vulnerability which can wipe out your entire data which means can reset your phone. Researcher, Ravi Borgaonkar at Ekoparty security conference in Argentina demonstrated the vulnerability overnight.

See Demo below:

A simple USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code – renders the phone inoperable by sending a website, QR code, NFC transmission or push SMS message to the device. These connectivities can reset the Galaxy S III or indeed other Samsung handsets. Once the process of resetting gets started, you can’t abort it by any way.

How To Check Is your Samsung Android Phone Vulnerable or not? Follow Below Steps:

1.Visit this link through your phone’s Web browser.

2. If your phone’s dialler pops up and shows a number, your phone isn’t affected and there’s no need to worry.

But if it Shows IMEI number then your phone is vulnerable.

Then you need to download TelStop App from Google Play Store until official patch or fix from carrier or company. To test again you need to visit above link again and select TelStop when asked to select. If all things are correct than you will get warning of malicious code.

So have you checked if your Android Phone affected with USSD Security flaw or not?