SD Card – How Secure Is Your Digital Data In “Secure Digital Card”?

Simply by going through word SD Card which stands for Secure Digital Card, it is used across various portable devices. These days various smartphones have SD Card support to make their Memory expandable to some extent. Not only Smartphones there are a bulk of devices like navigation systems, cellular phones, eBooks, PDAs, digital cameras, music players, and camcorders which are allowed to support SD Card.

But the question here is that is our digital data secure in a Secure Digital Card? Yes, we can say its secure upto some extent. Lets discuss on what ‘upto some extent‘ means here. When we look at SD card from top, on the right hand side there is a slideable tab. We can tweak our data secureness from there, you need to slide up the tab if you want it to read/write but if you want to read only which means you don’t want to add or delete or modify existing data then slide down the tab. This simple tip can save you from data theft!

Another method is by protecting SD Card digital data by assigning  a password. Most of us use this measure (securing with 16 bytes of password) to secure our data on SD Card. If you’r using smartphones then there are many apps which can make your data secure even without interfering in core files.

So now, overall there are measures which we can take to secure our digital content from theft. It depends upon an individual to secure or insecure his/her phone’s content. But again saying upto some extent, we can atleast secure our data on SD Card.