Guidelines For Safe Mobile Usage

Mobile Device is a device through which we can talk from anywhere to anywhere and to anyone. These days we can’t do our daily work without using Mobile Devices. But there are several hazards of Mobile usage namely from health prospective or safety. So here are some guidelines that you need for safe mobile usage. First coming on to -

Health Hazards:

There are several reports and proofs by which we can partially say that Mobile radiations are much harmful to our body. In 2011, IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) reported that RF energy might be a risk factor for cancer. Some of scientific research to date does not support RF energy as danger to human heath. But those researches also state that Mobile Device usage is not entirely risk free. So you need to follow below


  • Make short calls on your mobile phone.
  • Reduce radiations to upto 96% by converting phones to landline like setup. You can buy iClooly Phone Stand phone stand at MirchiMart.
  • Check Mobile Device’s specific absorption rate (SAR) before buying.
  • Charge up your mobile device battery before  going down to 40% mark because it uses more energy when battery is low.
  • If possible keep your device away from your body when not in use.
  • Replace cell phone calls with text messages if its not important.
  • Use handsfree devices to take calls. You can buy Amkette headset over at MirchiMart.

Safety Hazards:

Due to invention of Mobile devices, road safety is thronged and vastly exploited by its usage. Across the globe various accidents are daily caused by using mobile phones while driving. So here are some -


  • Use handsfree devices to take calls but personally avoid using a hands-free device. These can be just as distracting as using the phone itself. If you still want to use Handsfree Device than can buy Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit.
  • Attend your call by stopping your vehicle by the side of the road.
  • You can also opt for voicemail service and attend all calls after journey.

If you want to share some more guidelines you can share your views via comments.