Stylish New Pendrives Easy to carry

Today all of us like things which are small in size. Earlier the pendrives were pretty big in size but now the pendrives are very thin which can be easy to carry with stunning designs. We have made a collection of very stylish and thin pendrives which are very easy to carry. We are listing some pendrives exclusively from Mirchimart. You can checkout or purchase them at great discount from Mirchimart’s exclusive stores.

MirchiMart’s 8GB Credit Card shaped Pendrive

The credit card shaped pendrive has a space of 8 GB with High speed data transfer rate. It is USB 2.0 pendrive and USB flash Drive form factor.

These slim, wallet-sized USB drives are easy to carry around in your wallet or purse, ensuring you always have your most important data nearby. With credit card flash drives, you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting your USB drive at home or at office. It’s always right there in your wallet. Buy at Mirchimart for just ₹750!

Trek is a manufacturer of  New Stylish pendrives and this pendrive comes with 16 GB storage capacity and USB 2.0 interface. It transfers data at very high speeds of 480 MB/s.It has many other features like it is Waterproof, Dust-free, Drop resistance and it is very sleek and slim. It is available for just ₹750 at Mirchimart!

Elecom 4 GB Usb Flash Nendo Data Hook

Elecom Data Hook is a beautifully designed pendrive just like a hook and it looks very slim. It is available as a 4 GB variant and you can transfer data upto at 480 MB/s. It is available in black color with 1 year Replacement Warranty. Buy at Mirchimart for just ₹1499.