Microsoft Steps Ahead In Digital Music, Launched Xbox Music

Recently Microsoft announced Xbox Music to gain some space in digital music industry. So its the beginning of the new era with Windows 8, which is now up for pre order, and end of the Zune era. Microsoft is now doing things similar to Apple by introducing special services for its upcoming Windows 8. But Microsoft is just step ahead than Apple as Microsoft have more variety in its offerings. Microsoft is designing everything in accordance to Windows 8, they launched Office 13 beta which gives best interlinking with Windows 8 from Online Storage to portable Windows 8 USB. Now Microsoft has come up with Xbox Music.

Microsoft Xbox Music will offer access to a global catalog of about 30 million songs. So in Windows 8 users will have default way to listen to songs with ads. Jerry Johnson, head of Microsoft’s music efforts, said he is committed to offering a free music streaming service. However, he said:[quote]“We acknowledge that free terms and conditions may evolve over time based on industry standards.”[/quote]Users can also subscribe to an ad-free version for $9.99 a month. And users can buy and download songs as well.

It seems that Microsoft has just realised that its attempts to turn the Xbox into an entertainment hub might provide it with the basis to give Apple a run for its money. Microsoft’s behavior does not appear to be all that different from that of Apple and Google, both of which include software for accessing their own music services in their mobile products.

Microsoft also plans to add a:

  • iOS and Android apps;
  • A web-based client;
  • Scan-and-Match feature similar to iTunes
  • Social features that lets you see what your friends are listening to

Additionally, Windows 8 upgrade will be available to Windows 7 original Users. For users who have bought devices running on Windows 7 before June 2 need to shell out $40 for downloadable upgrade and $70 for offline Upgrade. For More Details Head over to here.

Microsoft is now offering Windows 8 upgrade at similar fees like Apple iOS 6 upgrade. So now Microsoft is ready to begin with new era. Check back on October 26th as Windows 8 will be launched on that day.