Insync: Sync Your Gmail Attachments With Dropbox And Google Drive

Basically Insync is a Singapore based firm which launched its service today that allows you to you to sync, save or backup your Gmail attachments with Dropbox or Google Drive account. Once signed in with a Gmail (or Google-hosted email) account, users are prompted to provide their Drive or Dropbox credentials and then specify a folder that will sync with their Insync account.

To sync your file you need to back up an attachment within the webmail service, simply add a preset label (the default is @Drive) to the email containing the file, and the syncing will happen automatically. You can also checkout the Insync introductory video below:

Founder and CEO Terence Pua stated that:

 “We’re confident that we have a better client, and we’ll be expanding to other places like the new Gmail service, Our goal is to be wherever you work, making your life easier.”

Currently Insync only offers back up to Google Drive as Dropbox Application approval is in the queue. But you can still try it with Google Drive.

Try it:  Insync