HP launches energy efficient desktop HP Pavilion P2

Earlier in the first week of July Hp launched the energy efficient desktop HP Pavilion P2. The Company says it can cut energy costs by up to 60 per cent as compared to other conventional desktops and this product is not expensive, being power efficient it is available at an affordable price that company announced at ₹23,500 in India.

The HP Pavilion P2 Desktop comes in two versions, one with an Intel Pentium G630T Processor and the other with the Intel Core i3 2120T Processor. It also has a built-in Vision technology that gives super-sharp photos and smooth and vivid HD video playback. The desktop is powered with 2GB RAM and 500 GB hard disk. This Product is also very stylish, streamlined, affordable and works on a 90W power adaptor as against the conventional desktops that work on 250W power supply units, resulting in upto 60-70% less power consumption under normal usage conditions and savings of almost Rs.6001.  HP Pavilion P2 has some other features which are described below.

• Consumes 60% less power.
• Keeps going for up to 1 hour on backup provided by any regular UPS.
• Stylish, streamlined and affordable desktop.
• Clean lines and carefully calculated space configuration enhance the overall aesthetic.
• Built-in Vision Technology gives super-sharp photos and smooth and vivid HD video playback.
• Packed with all the essential features required for e-mail, social networking, homework, personal
finances, and casual Web browsing.