What all is needed in a gaming laptop?

If you are planning to buy a gaming laptop and are confused about the specifications then this article would be of help to you. Gaming laptops are designed to give you the ability to play all the 3D games out there. They are also equipped with more powerful processors so they are more capable in processing.

Remember, there is no way to upgrade the Graphical processing Unit (GPU) and Central processing Unit (CPU) because it is deeply integrated within the laptop, so be precise about the configuration of the Gaming laptop. The strong GPUs produce superior performances. RAM should be greater than 1GB for latest games. The connectivity options should be another thing to consider. There are a lot of gamers out there who would rather use special gaming peripherals. This is especially true if you want to take your gaming experience to a higher level. In this case, it would be important to have an HDMI port.

Quick Gaming requirements :-

CPU : Dual core processors or greater (i3, i5 and i7 recommended)

GPU : Graphic card 1gb or greater (nvidia, ati redon or intel)

RAM : Minimum 1GB (4GB recommended)

Display : 14 inch or more with 1080 pixel (recommended 15 inch HD display)

Hard Disk : 160GB or more (SATA, 7200 rpm recommended, or solid state hard drive)

Networking : Wifi, Ethernet

Optical Disk Drive : CD/ DVD drive with 4x speed

Port : 2 USB ports, Display port/HDMI port

Gaming Accessories : Gaming Mouse, controller, joy stick, headphone, HDMI cable (StealSeries gaming products) Buy Gaming Accessories

Precaution : Provide proper heat ventilation to your laptop when you are playing games.


Be aware that gaming laptops can be very costly and they are not meant for those who are on a tight budget. Some gaming laptop manufacturers are Asus (affordable), Allenware (costly). Considering the requirements discussed in the article for a gaming laptop, you would be able to pick up a decently configured laptop with adequate features.

AMD cut down its price on high-end cards again

If you are looking to buy a Graphics card, you should check the collection of AMD high end graphics card. AMD cut down the prices of its high end graphics card to become more competitive with NVIDIA‘s latest offering. With the NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti finally outed by the company.

The prices have dropped accordingly

  • 1GB 7850 down $40 to $190
  • 2GB 7850 down $40 to $210
  • 2GB 7870 down $50 to $250
  • 3GB 7950 down $30 to $320

The price drops range from 10-20 percent, which are respectable Discounts. These cheaper prices are the result of healthy competition, and while this might be a bit off topic, it needs to be said: this is why AMD needs to hang in the market against both NVIDIA and Intel. Better products (Kepler) and cheaper prices are sure to come because of it.


Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated Video Card

Nowadays when we go to purchase a Computer or Laptop, we come across two options in choosing the graphic solutions – Integrated Graphics and Dedicated Video Card. We have tried to differentiate between them below to help you make the right choice between them while purchasing computers and laptops.

  1. Integrated Graphics consume less power and produce less heat as compared to dedicated Video Cards.
  2. Dedicated Video Cards are much costlier than Integrated Graphics. Although the Integrated Graphics solutions are not as serviceable but they are much more affordable.
  3. As the Dedicated Video Cards have their own memory and processing power, they can perform much stronger than integrated graphics systems.

Choosing the Right Solution

While building a new computer, you must keep in mind what you are looking to build it for. If you are purchasing the computer for only word processing and web browsing, then you can choose the Integrated Graphics Solution but if you want to play games or want to do Graphics related work, you can select the Dedicated Video Cards.

Nvidia launches of Geforce GTX 670

Nvidia launches the new Geforce GTX 670 Graphics card with fabulous performance and exceptional power efficiency. GTX 670 is based on the Nvidia’s next generation Kepler Architecture which dramatically improves the performance, power efficiency and quit operations for PC gamers. New anti-aliasing mode eliminates the jaggies without sacrificing the frame rate. Nvidia sround  lets you game on three monitors with single card.

Features of Nvidia Geforce GTX 670

  1. NVIDIA Surround with Up To Four Monitors – By this we can play games on three different monitors while using the single graphics card at 5760 x 1080.
  2. NVIDIA GPU Boost – It boost the clock speed while playing 3D games by this GPU gives its best performance.
  3. New Anti-aliasing Mode – Anti-aliasing smooths down the jagged edges and eliminates the jaggies without sacrificing the frame rate. In GTX 670 their are two anti aliasing modes first is  FXAA that produces beautiful smooth lines with minimal performance impact. Second is TXAA it is an in-game option that combines MSAA and temporal filtering and post processing for every higher visual fidelity.
Its price is Rs. 29,999 inclusive all taxes



Do You Know What Are Switchable Graphics ?

All of us heard the term Switchable Graphics but did not know exactly what it is. Switchable Graphics are the latest trend in power management. Imagine combining the low power advantages of an integrated graphics processor with the performance of a discrete graphics processor. With Switchable Graphics now you can have maximum performance when you need it and long battery life when on-the-go.

Extreme Power Savings for Long Battery Life

Maximize your battery life while on-the-go by switch from discrete to integrated graphics. As compared to discrete graphics, an integrated GPU requires less energy to operate, yielding better power efficiency and improved battery life. This makes it better for situations when your notebook is running on battery – for example when traveling on the road.

Maximum Performance

When the notebook is plugged in to the power socket,  apSwitchable Graphics enables the  discrete graphics processor for astonishing performance. The discrete graphics processor delivers high performance and incredible graphics when your notebook is plugged in. And the power of your graphics processor allows you to enjoy superior HD gaming, Blu-ray movies and other HD content in full HD-1080p.