Facebook Grabs Mobile App Maker Acrylic

Facebook grabbed another deal of mobile App maker, Acrylic. Acrylic is famous for its RSS application Pulp and the secure database app called Wallet. Acrylic was controlled, created and managed by one man - Dustin MacDonald. Now he has been hired by Facebook in its design team. Later on, MacDonald said in a blog post announcing his move to California that [quote]Facebook is an invaluable service that we all use daily, and a company I believe is one of the most innovative and important around today.[/quote] He also added [quote]After visiting late last year, I discovered that we shared many of the same core product design goals and principles, and it soon became obvious that it was a natural fit.[/quote]

Acrylic will stop developing the two apps, which Facebook itself have not acquired. Facebook also confirmed that it has bought Acrylic in an “acqui-hire”. Earlier Facebook also acquired Spool and TagTile to make their applications more user friendly.