What Is Cloud Drive/Storage?

Cloud Drive/Storage is the service provided on web to upload/download groups of files and folders at the storage space provided on remote server. The cloud storage is accessed over internet via client side software and it facilitates the users to secure collaboration, disaster recovery, and data access, it sync documents without the cost or maintenance of a file server, it Schedule automatic file backups for easy restoration by using cloud storage you can Access your critical data anytime, anywhere.

The Cloud Drive/Storage services are provided by various companies like Google, Apple, Dropbox, etc

  • Google’s – Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Apple’s - iCloud
  • Hp Cloud Drive
  • Amazon Cloud

Features Of Cloud Drive/Storage:

  1. Store & Share - Store your files and share across your business. Enjoy all of the functionality of a file server without the hassle of management and maintenance.
  2. Backup - Ensure your users have their files securely stored in the cloud. With automatic, secure file backup, you’ll never worry about data loss again. Because your data is placed securely on remote place. 
  3. Anywhere Access - Cloud Drive’s online data storage frees you from your desktop. Work from anywhere with quick and easy access to your files through a secure web interface for computers and mobile devices.