Printer: Canon E500 Vs. HP Dj2060

Recently we have seen the launch of Canon E500 printer in the market. Canon has priced it for Rs. 6,000 in the market. According to Canon its printer is Ink Efficient and is built to give you an affordable printing experience.  Canon also says that it has packed Canon E500 with the new FINE cartridge which improves color reproduction in the red area for more brilliant colour images. Canon is propagating the high yield (2000 plus pages) of black cartridge being used in this printer through unofficial channels.

To get these facts true, we decided to get this printer tested for the yield and other qualitative aspects. To get it tested, we adopted to compare Canon E500 with HP Dj2060 (in order to compare, we tested both). Here are some gimmicks which our competition has adopted. Take a look at:

  • While Competition is claiming the yield of 2000 plus pages from a single black cartridge, there is no official mention or endorsement of this yield on competition website/product brochure, etc.
  • Call competition helpline no. and customer support executives don’t mention any yield for this printer.
  • The published yield on the brochure (attached in the mail) is 800 pages only as per ISO.

We started the testing with ISO standard page to see the results. The actual yield came out to be 800 pages which is far too low from the reality. After comparing all other aspects with HP Dj2060 we found that HP Dj2060 is a much better proposition for a customer compared to Canon E500. You can check out the image below for full results:

Canon E500 Vs. HP Dj2060 Printer

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We did a PFV (Price function Value) comparison for HP Dj2060 vis-à-vis Canon E500 and results came in the basket of Hp Dj2060, which is 11% cheaper compared to E500. For arriving a PFV what we did was that wherever there is feature advantage or disadvantage we have assigned a value to that feature and reduced/added back to the MOP of Dj2060 to arrive at net value. For example, there is a clear advantage of Reebok voucher with Dj2060 and we have assigned a value of Rs.600 only to this and reduced from the MOP.

Clear Advantages with Dj2060:

  • HP Dj2060 cartridge prices are more affordable. The POP for black cartridge is 34% lower and for color cartridge it is 50% lower compared to competition.
  • HP Dj2060 is more energy efficient compared to competition.
  • Consumer promo of Reebok voucher worth Rs.1000/-
  • HP brand reliability & wide service network.
  • 120 promoters exclusively dedicated to promote Ink Advantage in key outlets. Please be demanding from these outlets and don’t allow stocking/selling of Canon E500/L series printers from these outlets.

So guys we came to know that HP Dj2060 is an excellent performer in real time and we also grounded Canon’s high flying features. So guys from here HP Dj2060 is way ahead of Canon E500.