What are Multi-channel Speaker Systems (2.0 , 2.1, 4.1 and 5.1 speakers)?

Multi-channel audio systems are widely used in modern sound devices. The term “multi-channel audio” means that, the audio system can be capable of handling multiple audio channels (usually called audio tracks) to rebuild the sound on a multi-speaker setup.

Here in 2.0 , 2.1, 4.1 and 5.1 audio systems’ first digit shows the number of primary speakers called satellite units (these speakers are capable for handling the frequency range from 100Hz to 22Khz), while the second (decimal digit) refers to the presence of LFE (Low Frequency Effect), which is reproduced on a subwoofer (produces lower frequencies 20Hz-200Hz).

 2.0 speakers
These types of speakers systems have two speakers one called left speaker and another one is right speaker. It is also called stereo speakers and compatible with all TV ,DVD players, mobile phones and laptops. It does not include a subwoofer. For positioning of speakers see the image (2.0 speakers positioning )

2.0 speakers - Top View

2.0 speakers

2.1 speakers
Beyond the left and right channels, there is the additional aspect of bass which normally requires a subwoofer. A 2.1 speaker has 3 speakers, two satellite and one base speaker. The only difference between 2.0 and 2.1 speakers is the addition of a subwoofer in 2.1 speaker system for lower frequencies and gives real time sound experience. It is compatible with all latest phones, DVD players and TV. It is important to place speakers at right position for better sound experience.

2.1 speakers - Top View

2.1 speakers

4.1 speakers
Surround sound systems are one of the widely used surround sound setup in home theater systems. For this 4.1 speakers are the first speaker configuration with four satellite speakers (Front Right ,Front Left, Rear Right and Rear Left) with one base speaker (subwoofer). These type of speakers  require audio source which has a minimum of four channel audio out for this if you want to connect these speakers to your laptop/desktop then you should have 4.1 channel sound card in your laptop/desktop or you can run this with DVD players.

4.1 speakers - Top View

4.1 speakers

5.1 speakers
Surround sound systems are one of the widely used surround sound setup in home theater systems. Usually- Dolby Digital and DTS encoded in a DVD are 5.1 channel audio formats. The main difference between 4.1 and 5.1 speakers is the addition of one more speaker called central speaker with this 5.1 speakers have five satellite speakers(Center, Front Right, Front Left, Rear Right and Rear Left ) and one subwoofer. These types of speakers are compatible with those laptops/desktops which have 5.1 sound card and with DVD players. The arrangements of a 5.1 surround sound setup shown in the picture below.

5.1 Speakers - Top View

5.1 speakers


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Things you should consider while buying headphone/headset

Comfort : Earphones - Things to consider while buyingThe only way to judge the comfort is to put on a set of headphone for at least 10 minutes. If it is uncomfortable then headphone and its sound quality is useless, so be precise in selecting the type of head phone. Ideal headphone should be light weight and not produce too much pressure on your ears.


  1. Minijack plug (also known as 1/8 inch and 3.5mm): This is the most common headphone connector, now a day’s all source of audio devices have this type of connector jack like mobile phones iPods, laptop, tablets etc
  2. ¼ inch plug: This type of connector is required for connecting headphone to guitar amps, DJ mixers and non portable audio devices.
  3. 2.5mm jack: Commonly used in old cell phonesHeadset - Things to consider while buying

Frequency response: While buying a head phone one must check frequency response which lies between audible frequency range i.e. 10 Hz-20KHz, here lower frequency produces base effect and higher range frequency produces treble sound.

Total harmonic distortion (THD): True headphones have lower THD. Standard THD of a headphone must be lower than 1%; lower the THD, the better is the sound quality.

Impedance: Earphones - Things to consider while buyingGenerally speaking, lower the headphone’s electrical impedance the easier it is to get higher volume, but for higher volume, other factors also come into account like driving power of source audio. To be sure first listen with your head phone. Standard available head phone impedance lies between 16 ohm and 32 ohm.

Sensitivity (loudness): A measure of headphone efficiency in dBs per milliwatt of input. A low number means that the headphones need more power to sound as loud as those which have a higher sensitivity. Typical sensitivity ranges between 90dB – 150dB.

Other points are: A head phone must be durable and portable as per user requirement.

Some of mobile headphones are equipped with microphone and nowadays there is a trend of buying ear buds which are smaller in size comfortable and fits in ear canal canceling noise from surroundings. Please do not use these types of head phones while driving or crossing roads and railway tracks. Explore wide range of headphones/earphones at MirchiMartHeadphone - Things to consider while buying

What’s So Special In Sennheiser Headphones?

Sennheiser one of the most respected name in the Headphones world. Actually, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation is a German audio company but today SEC is U.S. wholly-owned subsidiary, with headquarters in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Sennheiser specializes in various products but it is mainly known for its Headphones. You will get everything related to Headphones, Headsets and Microphones from Sennheiser with great quality and design.

But when we are buying Headphones, the question often asked is that What’s So Special In Sennheiser Headphones? We will discuss today its plus points and on how Sennheiser headphones overtake others.

Sennheiser Headphones have excellent sound quality as mentioned by reviewers on various sites like Engadget, Techcrunch, etc. You would not miss even a single detail of the music with Sennheiser Headphones. There is excellent isolation. You almost get the impression of dead silence from background noise. There is an excellent construction of its design (build quality) which makes it light in weight. There are vast varieties of Headphones which Sennheiser offer from low budget to high budget headphones. If you going to compare Sennheiser with Beats by Dr. Dre then you must read this first – What is Beats Audio?

Many people think that if they spend more money, then they would get higher quality headphones, but that’s not always true. You can even get them at half the price. So before buying, look at the technical specifications and check out what determines Quality of Speakers and Headphones.

What Determines Quality Of Speakers And Headphones

Going to buy speakers or headphones? then you must checkout this short guide to determine the quality of speakers and handsets during buyout. These days speakers and headphones play great roll in individual life in order to entertain him/herself. There are various types of speakers in the market like roof speakers, wall speakers, loudspeakers, and speakers for daily use via Computer, Television or any other media player.

There are various points to stress on to determine Quality of speaker and headphones. according to your need you can pick speakers from these standard configuration of Speakers which include 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1 layouts. In these layouts 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1 are hinting toward number of standard speakers and sub woofer for bass enhancement like 2.1 layout is comprised to 2 satellite speaker and 1 sub woofer. If you want to get more quality sound than you must opt for 5.1 or 7.1 layouts as they are features like surround, speaker fill, etc.

Now typical things to determine quality of speakers and headphones. First you must checkout wattage rating for speakers, higher the wattage rating clearer and louder will be the sound. Second, You need to buy speaker according to your room means if your room is small than there is no need to buy higher wattage speakers. Third , if you going to buy speaker for any player or computer than must checkout your sound card limits. Fourth you need to check its S/N Ratio which is good at 107db. Frequency response is another step to determine quality indicative of how fast and how accurately a set of speakers can reproduce the sound range. Human hearing spans frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and your speaker should reproduce all frequencies that lie in this range. Controls on speakers like bass controller, etc also plays vital role also.

Coming on to headphones which operate on the same level as speakers. To determine headphones sound quality must check its Power Handling Capacity. If its capacity is 1,000mW to 3,000mW range than its best as its the range for studio quality sound and of course you can listen to music or any other audio without disturbing others.

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Better Audio Experience with SRS Premium Sound

There are Various Audio Booster software’s which boost the audio for music, movies and games on the PC and Transform it into Premium Sound. From those various softwares SRS Premium Sound is one of the top contender of providing quality sound. SRS Premium Sound transforms the experience of listening to audio with more natural and Cinema-Quality Surround Sound. It delivers immersive sound from multi channel content and creates 3D sound from stereo and mono Material.

It works on various devices like PC, Notebooks, Laptops, Smartphones and other audio harwares. SRS works on the basis of speaker’s frequency response, orientation, speaker placement, etc. After all adjustments SRS provides us deep bass, high-frequency definition, crystal clear dialog, and, specifi cally for notebook speakers, an overall boosting of sound volume. Check out sull fledged features below:

  • Premium audio experience for music, video, and games
  • Immersive surround sound from two speakers or headphones
  • Custom-tuned solutions to provide superior natural sound from notebook speakers,
  • desktop speakers and headphones
  • Greater volume for notebook speakers
  • Crystal clear dialog
  • Deep, rich bass
  • Intuitive user interface with presets for ease of use

These days various devices are coming with inbuilt SRS audio software to boost its sound performance. Instead of boosting it some times deteriorates sound quality mainly on super bass songs.