Which is Best: AMD Processors Vs Intel Processors

Now days while Purchasing the computer there are many options available of every thing like Graphics solution, Screens and Processors and out of all of them processor is the main part of the computer which processes all the tasks running on the computer. So while purchasing the computer you should select best option for processors which suits you better. You may heard the name of two big companies which makes the processors one is Intel and other is AMD. Here we compare processors of both the companies for you to make correct decision while purchasing the computer.

  • If you are taking performance above all than Intel processors are the way to go because AMD processors are currently not being able to compete with Intel for raw speed .
  • AMD processors are capable of performing well with the quite affordable price. As Intel processors are costlier than AMD processors.
  • It is not easy to select the Processor because their are different series of processors in both the companies. In Intel, Core 2 CPU’s are still available and second series is the Sandy bridge (i series) processors which is 40% faster than its predecessors  they also come with an on-board graphics chip. So if you choose the Intel you should select the series.
  • In AMD their is Athlon II series which came into  X2, X3 and X4 varieties but the performance of these processors in not good. AMD’s Phenom II is the other series of processors from AMD which have more cache memory than the Athlon II’s , running at higher clock speed and gives the better performance.

Final Verdict

After looking at the product ranges of both the companies the question raises in our mind  that which is the best? it all depends on what you are looking for. If price is the key than AMD processors are excellent choice because intel’s processors are little more expensive. If their is no issue with money and you want the processor which performs better than you should select Intel.

Intel’s Latest 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 Processor

We already have discussed about Intel’s new ivy bridge series processors the series basically consist of i3,i5 and i7 Processors. Among all of them Intel core i7 processor is the most powerful. It consist of Turbo Boost Technology through which the processor can boost the clocking speed of the processor while doing some work with graphics like playing games, watching Movies, etc. It also come with an improved  integrated graphics with Intel HD 4000 graphic which offers the faster frequency and grunt better than the 2nd generation while playing games on the system .

The 3rd generation Core i7-3770K CPU has the 8MB of smart cache which is used to store regularly used data. its also integrated with the DDR3 memory controller  and it also consist of bunch of security and performance features like Intel source key.

Main features of 3rd generation Core i7 desktop CPUs

• Four cores
• Eight threads (with Hyper-Threading)
• Turbo Boost 2.0
• 8MB Smart Cache
• Intel HD 4000 graphics
• Virtualisation
• Best matched to Z77 chipset

As technology beefing up day by day , we are accepting upgraded variants of i7 processors and new series of processors from Intel. there’s also news that Microsoft’s newly reveled surface tablet was packed with Intel’s Processors.

Intel Launches Its 3rd Gen Intel Core processors

To enhance users’ computing experience computer chip-maker Intel launched its third generation of Core processors.This new chips will be used in especially ‘Ultrabooks’ in to the market.  The new-age CPU’s enhance the media experience and provides better graphic performance. The 3rd Gen Intel Core processors are very powerful the systems having these processors will wake in a flash  meaning the system will transition from deep sleep to its active state in less than 7 seconds.

Connecting and file transfer becomes fast with USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt technology which makes a high-speed connection that allows incredibly fast transfers. Coming to security it is important to protect users data, devices and personal assets. Intel has given security more importance in the third generation Intel Core processor and has improved security features by including Intel Anti-Theft technology. By this technology the user can automatically disable the system if it is lost or stolen.

As these processors are especially used in Ultrabooks. So, According to analysts, ultrabooks is the next growth category in notebooks segment. Various reports suggest that ultrabooks could contribute more than 40 per cent of notebooks sales globally by 2015 from a mere 2 per cent in 2011.