Report: Mobile Phones Have More Germs Than Toilet Seats

According to a recent report from Researchers at University of Arizona states that there are more bacteria on the average mobile than you will find in a toilet. Going into details, the Report explain as Mobiles are not cleaned and wiped even once after Phone’s usage by different people. The report concludes as saying that mobile phones have 10 times the amount of germs and pathogens than a toilet seat which can cause nausea and stomach upsets.

Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, said that:
[quote]Since mobiles are electronic items some people are reluctant about cleaning them. [/quote]

How to Make your Device Bacteria free:

Charles Gerba also suggested to people by saying that:

[quote]Phones are just not part of our cleaning routine whereas we should think about giving them a wipe with an antibacterial substance every now and then.[/quote]

Similarly like mobile phones there are several electronic devices which have same conditions means dirtier than Toilets. So guys next time handling your phone to another person must check or ask him to wash their hands. I know its like a joke. But you can also use antibacterial solution to clean your mobile device. Share your views how to cleanse Mobile devices?

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