Purpose Of The 12 Function Keys On Your Keyboard

We know our keyboards have 12 function keys but have ever wondered what are their uses? Function keys are the keys present on the top line of the keyboard from F1 to F12. This is the line of keys which differentiates Keyboard from Typewriter as Typewriters do not have them.

Function Keys were used in olden times when computers operated via MS DOS but these days there is no big use of these function keys. Role of all F1 to F12 keys are different for different operating systems. But if you’re using Microsoft’s Operating System then these function keys can serve you with shortcuts. These days function keys act as shortcuts with addition of CTRL, ALT or Shift for various special features of Operating system.

Laptops have different functions of these function keys. You can increase – decrease screen brightness, increase- decrease volume and can do lot of settings from these function keys. Now we going to list function of every function key from F1 to F12 below:

  • F1: If you press F1 while working in a program, Help for that program will usually appear.
  • F2: In Windows, this key is commonly used to rename a highlighted icon or file. You can try Alt + Ctrl + F2 and Ctrl + F2 for some more functions.
  • F3: Search feature for many programs including Microsoft Windows.
  • F4: You can repeat last action performed while typing in Microsoft word. You can close all running programs using Alt + F4 key and Ctrl + F4 press for closing all active windows.
  • F5: Used as a refresh key in many web browsers and other applications.
  • F6: This key is used for moving mouse cursor to writing web address at the address bar.
  • F7: Normally the F7 key is for a “spell checker” but this key can be reassigned, depending on your configuration and software.
  • F8: It can perform several functions, and does not have an assigned Windows default. However, when starting Windows 2000 or Windows XP, holding the F8 key will boot in Safe Mode.
  • F9: Opens the Measurements toolbar in Quark 5.0.
  • F10: F10 activates the menu bar in many programs. Use shift + F10+ mouse for an external function.
  • F11: It is a full screen shortcut on most of the programs.
  • F12: In MSword we can used this key for saving our document and also opens up developer tools window in most of the browsers.

So guys there are many more functions of these keys but these are general ones. So if you want to share more functions then share via comment. Thanks in advance!

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