New iPhone Will Connect Via 19-Pin ‘mini’ Connector

The most anticipated new iPhone is gaining space in Rumor mills but this is not rumor as its confirmed by TechCrunch. According to published reports the new iPhone will have 19-Pin ‘mini’ Connector replacing 30-Pin connector from older versions of iPhone. It also suggests that Apple is now more concerned with space savings inside each device. The new port is similar in size to the Thunderbolt port available on new MacBook devices although the manufacturers said the pin layout will be different but they are not sure that’s why they are waiting for official  announcement from Apple’s side about new iPhone and its details. Manufactures also quoting that they already preparing to construct iPhone 5 cases and ship replacements for free if they turned out to be less than perfect as New leaked images of new iPhone by MobileFun will see ”fairly drastic redesign” from the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Here are some more details about new iPhonw hich were posted by Mobile Fun:

  • The phone is much bigger, measuring 58.47 mm wide, 123.83 mm high and 7.6 mm thin. The screen is 4 inches.
  • The earphone jack has been relocated to the bottom of the phone.
  • The dock connector is much smaller, similar in size to micro USB.

Apple new iPhone is suggested to be announced in October with LTE and iOS 6 packed with it. But we have to wait for sometimes to get our hands on the new iPhone.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: MobileFun

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