Must have Gadgets in Car

In this fast growing world, do not slow down your business and work while you are driving your car. There are many amazing cell phone gadgets which you can use while you are driving without voiding any traffic rules. Some of them are discussed below with their unique features.

Phone Stands

Phone Stands - Must have Gadgets in CarKeep your iPhone or other phones safe and in view with WindowSeat by mounting your Phone at eye level on your cars windshield or dashboard. Window Seat mounting puts all of your street maps, directions, and more within view and easily within reach. These stands have 360 degrees of rotation and suction base. Some phone stands include auxiliary audio cable.

Car Chargers

Car Chargers - Must have Gadgets in Car

Using the car charging cable on hand is a cigar-powered charger for iPhone and other phones can be charged from the cigar socket of the car. It’s a plug and play charger, after starting the engine of the car, plug the charger into cigar socket, you only need to connect cable for charging the iPhone. Car chargers are equipped with a LED power indicator, built in small fuse circuit breaker and input voltage range-12 to 16V DC

Bluetooth car Speakers

Bluetooth Car Speakers - Must have Gadgets in Car

Bluetooth has made driving while answering a phone call fairly safe over the years. While there must be thousands of Bluetooth based products out there, a lot of them tend to sit in or around your ear, and that just ends up being really uncomfortable over long journeys. So try out bluetooth speakers .

Auxiliary cable

Auxiliary cable plays an important role when you want to listen to your favorite song on car speakers. Explore different types of auxiliary cables compatible with your phone at MirchiMart.Auxiliary Cable - Must have Gadgets in Car

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