Microsoft Rebranding Hotmail Under Outlook Banner

One of the oldest website on internet, is all set for rebranding under Outlook Banner means Microsoft is billing as a new free mail service that pulls features from Hotmail and Exchange. Goodbye; say hello to

In the next few months, a number of Hotmail users will be invited to test out a new Web-based email service called “Outlook.” Microsoft also stated that Hotmail users won’t be forced to switch to Outlook. Hotmail users will be able to keep their or addresses, but new users will only be able to choose between or email domains.

In new Outlook there are various new features that are added by Microsoft like social integration, clean interface, Skype video calls without Skype installer, Microsoft Office integration, SkyDrive integration with 7GB of free cloud storage and much more.

You can even keep sending and receiving email from a Gmail address. Microsoft’s goal is to get to 1 billion users around the world. So guys are you going to switch to Hotmail or not?

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