Microsoft Drops the “Metro” from The Windows 8 UI

Microsoft has been forced to drop the “Metro” Name for Windows 8′s user interface as in Europe there is a Trademark Dispute with the Retail gaint Metro AG. Microsoft said they are currently working out what to call the interface and said the new name would be announced soon. But on many websites there are news that Microsoft swaps the name as the “New User Interface”.

At the Windows 8 Consumer Preview launch in Barcelona earlier this year, Microsoft handed out a product guide that included a brief section on Metro style app principles.[quote]“More than just an app platform, Metro style is a design philosophy that helps you build attractive, easy-to-use apps that will delight your customers with their intuitive and common interaction model”,[/quote] the guide said.

It is a big set back for Microsoft to change the name of its user interface as it is used on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone and has been called “Metro” ever since Microsoft started showing off its designs for the software. Its difficult for them to change just before the official launch of Windows 8.


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