IPS+ Display With LG’s New Device Optimus G

IPS panel is the new technology promising both extreme brightness and reduced power consumption against AMOLEDs favored by arch-rival Samsung.  IPS+ displays use 70-percent less power than when showing an all-white background, something which taxes AMOLED. The panel also bypasses screen burn-in, unlike AMOLED, while still hitting 470 nits of brightness.

The high-tech technology is paired with a new style of touch layer, too, with LG working with LG Innotek to create G2 Touch Hybrid Display that bonds glass and LCD. Thickness is down by 30-percent compared to previous-gen screens, and graphics themselves appear to float right under the fingertip. LG had already confirmed that its new device would debut Qualcomm’s upcoming S4 Pro Snapdragon chipset, the APQ8064.

We’re expecting to see more from LG on IPS+ display in the coming weeks. Actually it is also suggested that we may get hands on with IPS+ Display in earlier next year.

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