iPad Mini Coming Soon

A Source of intrigue: Apple iPad Mini from some past few weeks in the world of Technology. Various rumors are reported every day but today a trustful source claimed that Apple is prepping for the mass production of iPad Mini in September. It reveals that iPad Mini is coming soon and will be announced in near about September or might be earlier. Source also claimed that Officials revealed that Apple has told them to prepare for mass production of the smaller tablet.

According to rumors the new iPad Mini has a 7.85-inch display. It has 19 pin dock connector which was rumored earlier to be the part of iPhone 5. Apple’s new smaller iPad is expected to cost between $249 and $299 when it launches later this year.

The new iPad Mini will face stiff competition against Nexus 7 tablet which was released by Google and Asus at Google IO and upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire 2 which was rumored for launch this quarter. This more intense competition would in turn benefit the manufacturers and suppliers of components used in the tablets.

The rumors and speculations about iPad Mini is going to be true but still there is nothing officially announced or revealed. So we have to wait and watch for official statement from Apple. By the time you can checkout other Apple news here.

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