Intel Xeon Processors

Intel, Godfather company of Processors. There are various other Processors from different companies like AMD, Qualcomm and Cortex but Intel is at the peak of the mountain. Intel have Processors which is developed for different purposes. And Intel’s Xeon Processors is one of them specially developed for Servers.

Intel’s Xeon series of processors are high-performance version of Intel desktop processors intended for use in servers and high-end workstations. This series of processors are based on the older Sandy Bridge platform, but have been priced aggressively to take on AMD across each segment. Xeon CPUs have the same features as Pentium 4/D, Core 2 Duo/Quad desktop microprocessors. Additionally, Xeon CPUs can work in dual processor systems. Special version of Xeon CPUs, Xeon MP, can be used in 4-way systems. There are various series in Xeon Processors segment. All series are differentiated on the basis of available cores, cloaking speed, etc. Here’s the List of Xeon Series and its price:

  • E5-4600 – quad socket
  • E7-4800 – quad socket
  • E5-4603 – 4 cores – $551
  • E5-4650 – 8 core – $3616
  • E5-2400 – 4, 6, and 8 cores
  • E5-2600 – $188 to $1440
  • E3 1200 v2
  • E3-1290 V2 – $889

It would be interesting to see how fast server vendors will ship new servers based on the newly announced processors. Dell has already announced a road map in its PowerEdge C series for the new processors, and these boxes are expected to be in the offer list in India in the next two months. Also check out the Difference between Intel’s i3 and i5 Processors also.

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