Intel Launches Its 3rd Gen Intel Core processors

To enhance users’ computing experience computer chip-maker Intel launched its third generation of Core processors.This new chips will be used in especially ‘Ultrabooks’ in to the market.  The new-age CPU’s enhance the media experience and provides better graphic performance. The 3rd Gen Intel Core processors are very powerful the systems having these processors will wake in a flash  meaning the system will transition from deep sleep to its active state in less than 7 seconds.

Connecting and file transfer becomes fast with USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt technology which makes a high-speed connection that allows incredibly fast transfers. Coming to security it is important to protect users data, devices and personal assets. Intel has given security more importance in the third generation Intel Core processor and has improved security features by including Intel Anti-Theft technology. By this technology the user can automatically disable the system if it is lost or stolen.

As these processors are especially used in Ultrabooks. So, According to analysts, ultrabooks is the next growth category in notebooks segment. Various reports suggest that ultrabooks could contribute more than 40 per cent of notebooks sales globally by 2015 from a mere 2 per cent in 2011.

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