Integrated Graphics vs Dedicated Video Card

Nowadays when we go to purchase a Computer or Laptop, we come across two options in choosing the graphic solutions – Integrated Graphics and Dedicated Video Card. We have tried to differentiate between them below to help you make the right choice between them while purchasing computers and laptops.

  1. Integrated Graphics consume less power and produce less heat as compared to dedicated Video Cards.
  2. Dedicated Video Cards are much costlier than Integrated Graphics. Although the Integrated Graphics solutions are not as serviceable but they are much more affordable.
  3. As the Dedicated Video Cards have their own memory and processing power, they can perform much stronger than integrated graphics systems.

Choosing the Right Solution

While building a new computer, you must keep in mind what you are looking to build it for. If you are purchasing the computer for only word processing and web browsing, then you can choose the Integrated Graphics Solution but if you want to play games or want to do Graphics related work, you can select the Dedicated Video Cards.

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