HTC’s ‘Unique’ Tablet Teased

HTC is going to revamp its Tablet portfolio by introducing a new Unique Tablet which is currently under curtains. HTC is going to try something unique through their new tablet. HTC wants to gain some reputation in the Tablet market where Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Asus are big players. HTC already had burned coal in this Tablet fireplace when they launched HTC Jetstream and Flyer back last year but these didn’t even compete with the other Android Tablets and iPad.

In order to gain some space, HTC is coming back to Tablet market this year with some uniqueness. HTC spokesperson to PC Advisor stated that: [quote]Although there’s no release date for this mystery tablet yet, we were told that the firm would wait until it had something unique to offer. HTC is developing the tablet and will make sure it has a unique selling point.[/quote] HTC is going to compete with Google Nexus 7, rumored iPad Mini and Kindle Fire 2 tablets.

HTC needs to put some extra effort to gain some space on the pie chart of Tablet distribution companies over the world. There’s nothing more from HTC’s side on the tablet. Pricing and other launching or announcement dates are still unknown. So guys what’s the screen size you want from this tablet?

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