How To Ensure Cleanliness Of Your Laptops

These days we use electronic devices like, laptops, PCs and Phones but we don’t bother to clean them often. I also follow the above rule. But this article will help you a lot to ensure cleanliness of your laptop. These days, various discussions are going to know the effects of uncleanliness on humans. Similar report about cleanliness on Mobile phones was released couple of weeks ago which says Mobile phones have more germs than toilet seats.

We are enlisting some tips that to clean your laptops. So here it starts:

How To Ensure Cleanliness Of Your Laptops

Keep Dust Away

Dust is a big deterrent for laptops. When dust clogs the vents, parts can be damaged. In order to keep dust away you need to:

Clean Laptop Case

Cleaning the exterior portion of the laptop case can help keep the laptop looking new and keep dirt away. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the laptop. This will help you make it look brand-new again.

Clean laptop keyboard

Laptop keyboard is different from the standard computer keyboard. There’s not much space between them to clean. Therefore, we suggest cleaning the keyboard by using the same damp cloth you used to clean the exterior case of the laptop. You can buy Laptop Cleaning Kit from MirchiMart.

Clean Laptop Case Opening

Laptop case openings are the main passage from where dirt and dust gets entered into cores. You can’t block those openings because these are used to pass air in and out to keep the system cool. Use a can of compressed air to clean the case openings. You can even clean them with special cleaning fluid so that no damage occurs.

Always Clean your Hands before using your Laptop (conditions)

As discussed above, mobiles are dirtier than toilet seats, so in order to change it, we need to wash our hands after eating food or touching places full of germs, so that those germs can’t make their way to the laptop. I know its odd to do but we have to start washing our hands.

There are several other ways to clean your laptop so that it’s performance and power always remain same. If you guys are getting some sound out of the laptop and your performance also lowered, then you need to do some hard work by cleaning your laptop internally.

Keeping your computer clean is not just for your computer’s sake, it’s also for you.

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