Gift Ideas For Grandparents Day

Today is Grandparents Day and it is celebrated across various countries. So what have you planned for your Grandparents? Gifts? If yes than here we are making it easy for you to pick up any Gadget gift for your Grandparents.

Some suggestions for Grandparents Day:

Samsung Galaxy S3

For grandparents who are comfortable with smartphone, touch technology and Android Platform, this latest samsnug phone is available at MirchiMart at best and lowest price. Checkout our Review of Samsung Galaxy S3. You can buy Galaxy S3 at discount from Mirchimart.

Landline style smartphone stand

Bring your beloved grandparents to the era which they loved – back to landlines. And guess what, this phone stand reduces radiation from the receiver by 96%. No need to search about it as landline style smartphone stand is available at Mirchimart.

Credit Card 8 GB Pendrive

These slim, wallet-sized pendrives are easy to carry around in your wallet, ensuring you always have your most important data nearby. You can read about other good designs of pendrives here. If you want to buy this then head over to the Mirchimart store.

BSNL T-Pad 703C

Your grandparents have always been in faour of BSNL. Isnt it? Buy this hot selling BSNL T-Pad 703C Tablet for your brand conscious grandparents.

MiGadgets 4GB MP4 Player

Load some devotional videos and music to give a pleasant surprise to your Grandparents. Buy MiGadgets 4GB MP4 Player from Mirchimart.
Share your ideas about gifts and share how you are going to celebrate Grandparents Day!

One thought on “Gift Ideas For Grandparents Day

  1. Hey good,unique and super cool suggestion!. Gifting a smart phone will be something a different idea. On 9 September National Grandparent day will be celebrated across various countries.
    If we plan something special which is unexpected by them, them i am sure that moment will become one of the best moment of their life. So lets make them feel special on this special day.

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