Fleet of new Portable Mini speakers

Today many of us feel the need of  Portable Mini Speakers when we are enjoying with our friends. We can all enjoy one single song and can dance on it without necessarily having any DJ system. Some of these are listed below -

X-mini v1.1 Capsule Speaker Wired

X-mini v1.1 Capsule Speaker Wired - Portable Mini SpeakersThe X-mini v1.1 Capsule Speaker was designed for maximum portability it is the Smaller package still the same loud sound. it can produce sound upto 89DB with a commendable battery life of 6 hrs. It also comes with a protection lid to keep its 36mm driver safe from the elements. This mini speaker is available at MirchiMart for Just Rs. 990. [button link="http://mirchimart.com/control/X-mini-v1-1-Capsule-Speaker-Wired-Black-/AudioSpeakers/p/LX9UDP068RNKJV" variation="red"]Buy at Mirchimart[/button]

iHome iHM61 Rechargeable Color Changing Mini Speaker

iHome iHM61 Rechargeable Color Changing Mini Speaker - Portable Mini SpeakersThe iHome iHM61 Rechargeable Color Changing Mini Speaker is a new kind of approach in the Speaker industry with four color LEDs in it which glow while the music is played. It can play the audio from iPod, iPhone, iPad. The speaker connects to a computer or other USB power source via the included USB cable to recharge the internal lithium ion battery. Its vacuum bass design gives a surprising volume. It is a perfect product for Laptops, cellphones, iPods, iPads. It available at Mirchimart for just Rs. 1875/-  [button link="http://mirchimart.com/control/iHome-iHM61-Rechargeable-Color-Changing-Mini-Speaker/CPSpeakers/p/7TX6ERUKC1OGM" variation="red"]Buy at MirchiMart[/button]

i Rock – iR60 MINI SPEAKER

i Rock - iR60 MINI SPEAKER - Portable Mini Speakersi Rock – iR60 MINI SPEAKER is a portable speaker which can play music wireless as it has Bluetooth technology in it. It has a brilliant sound and depth in audio production with deep bass with compressible bellows, 3.5 mm stereo audio input magnetically shielded ideal for most portable and mobile phones. It is available at Mirchimart for just Rs. 2365. [button link="http://mirchimart.com/control/i-Rock-iR60-MINI-SPEAKER/CPSpeakers/p/EZJ0YA7G1FR4ZS0" variation="red"]Buy at MirchiMart[/button]

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