Envy Series – High Performance Laptops From HP

HP Envy Series is the company’s most powerful, thin and performance giving Laptop or we can even say Ultrabook. Earlier HP Envy was a brand synonymous with Voodoo PC. First Voodoo Envy was released in 2006 but it got no success, so later on HP and Voodoo merged and Voodoo Envy became HP Envy.

After several advancements and complete overhaul HP launched Envy Series again on October 15, 2009, along with two models, Envy 13 and Envy 15. These new Envy laptops are not only sleek, but they’re also durable, scratch-resistant, and lightweight. According to HP, Envy series is focused on designing the entire premium customer experience.

Currently, the Envy series has metal-tooled design along with several advancements in these years. HP Envy design resembles the Apple’s Macbook’s Designs but HP calls it a coincidence. That’s the reason why Apple has sued HP by saying that HP Envy Series (not all laptops only few of them) infringe their Macbook designs. Still the final verdict from the court has not been given. So it’s not official that HP actually infringed Apple patents.

There many fans of HP Envy Series despite its patent case by Apple. Envy Series’ success is giving HP a huge potential to build more sleek and powerful Laptops. Currently there are various HP Envy Laptops and Ultrabooks present in the market. We are listing a few of them below:

HP Envy 6-1011TU Laptop

HP Envy 6-1011TU Laptop - Envy SeriesThe Latest HP Envy 6 is one of the cheapest ultrabook that comes with an eye-catching metal design. It gives long lasting battery backup.It’s light weight and slim form factor makes it easy to carry. HP Envy 6-1011TU is powered with Intel Core i3-3217U 3rd Gen processor with 4 GB DDR3 RAM. It has a 15.6″ HD LED display screen with Intel HD Graphics 4000 . It is available at MirchiMart for just Rs. 41490/-

HP Envy 6-1003TX SleekBook

HP Envy 6-1003TX SleekBook - Envy SeriesThe Envy 6 Series from HP brings you a beautiful and high-performance laptop that boasts of unlimited features to meet your daily computing needs with utmost efficiency. It is packed with an Intel 2nd Generation Core i3 processor. This HP Envy 6-1003TX Ultrabook proves to be highly reliable and useful to perform tasks at work and home. The laptop provides you with an interactive and user-friendly interface, courtesy the Windows 7 Basic Home operating system. It also has the 2 GB ATI Radeon Graphics which gives you the quality gaming experience. Envy 6-1003TX is available at MirchiMart for Rs. 45,590.

HP Envy 4-1023TU

HP Envy 4-1023TU - Envy Series Envy 4-1023TU is the low cost ultrabook with a stylish look with Intel Core i3-3217U 3rd Gen processor with 4 GB DDR3 RAM and 500 GB HDD. It has a 14″ HD LED display screen with 2 GB ATI Graphics which provides you with great performance while playing games or doing any graphics related work. It also has Beats Audio High Definition Audio.  Envy 4-1023TU is available at MirchiMart for Rs. 41990/-.

HP Envy 4-1025TX Ultrabook

HP Envy 4-1025TX Ultrabook - Envy SeriesThe Envy series from HP continues to surprise us with its new additions and range of Ultrabooks. The new Envy 4-1025TX Ultrabook offers smart and extensive options that accompany you at work and home. This Ultrabook is an ideal computing gadget that comes with an affordable price price tag for unlimited features it offers. Loaded with a 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 processor and running on a Windows 7 Home Basic operating system, the laptop proves to be a highly reliable performer with its impressive speed and authentic capabilities. It also has the 2 GB ATI Graphics in it which provides high performance while doing graphics work and gaming. It is available at MirchiMart for Rs.52990/-

HP Envy Series not only provides laptops, but printers also. Recently HP announced Envy 110 printer which is stylish-yet-high-performance printer like Envy Series laptops. HP last month announced a new lineup of consumer PCs and accessories that are designed to work with Windows 8 along with the announcement latest Envy m4. You can checkout recently launched HP Envy’s here.

So did you like HP Envy series or have any Envy Laptop or Printer? Checkout this guide to know how pick best Laptop.

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