Difference Between CPU and GPU

Rarely, people know about GPU and CPU is known by all of us and is better known as brain of computer. But what is GPU? and Difference Between them?

At older times CPU – Central Processing Unit handles all the processes and derive them to users. Than advancement came in the era of Processors and they started crunching more information at faster rate. But researchers need more speed out of the processor. So they elevated Graphical Processing from CPU to GPU – Graphics Processing Unit and this change not only increased processing speed but due integrated processing unit for Graphics betterised Graphics on our screens.

The new GPU can perform common graphics routines really fast. GPUs were originally developed to render 2D graphics but according to need it became faster and more specialized in its task. Insight64 principal analyst Nathan Brook wood described the unique capabilities of the GPU this way:

[quote]GPUs are optimized for taking huge batches of data and performing the same operation over and over very quickly, unlike PC  Microprocessors, which tend to skip all over the place.[/quote]

Coming onto architecture GPU’s consist hundreds of cores which can handle various threads at a time in respect to CPU which have only few cores with lots of cache memory that can handle a few software threads only. GPU is also efficient in cost and power aspects. GPU’s make software to run at 100x faster speed than CPU.

With more advancement now GPU’s can be used for any purpose, not just graphics or video related purposes. Nvidia  CUDA, the first true GPGPU which basically, is a way to use the GPU(s) on a video card as general-use supplemental processors. GPU-accelerated computing has now grown into a mainstream movement supported by the latest  Operating systems from Apple (with Open CL) and Microsoft (using Direct Compute). The combination of a CPU with a GPU can deliver the best value of system performance, price, and power.

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