Difference between Antivirus, Internet security and Total security

Antivirus application that most people can remember it simply scanned for the signatures of any virus that it knows. It cannot prevent any virus that it does not recognize later on features like heuristics were added it is a method of monitoring the activities of a specific program and deciding whether it behaves like a virus. It would then alert the user and ask for the best course of action. Though, it might not be 100% accurate, it provides more security compared to the old method.

On the other hand Internet security is not single program, but is usually composed of more than one application that aims to provide total protection to its user. It has the Antivirus program along with the security from the threats that arose along with the internet age. Another application that is essential in an internet security suite is a firewall. A firewall restricts other people on the internet from gaining access to your computer or network by refusing connection requests and any other communications from the outside and even from applications that are running on your computer. There are also applications that can protect you from spyware programs that can send your personal and other information to entities outside and other types of malware.

Total security is the has the core protection elements like Antivirus, AntiSpyware,  AntiMalware,  Anti-Rootkit, Silent Firewall, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention along with these  Email protection, Internet protection like AntiSpam, AntiPhishing, Web Security, Parental Control, etc. Pc optimisation tools are also included in this which completely secure your computer and data in it.

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