Do You Know What Are Switchable Graphics ?

All of us heard the term Switchable Graphics but did not know exactly what it is. Switchable Graphics are the latest trend in power management. Imagine combining the low power advantages of an integrated graphics processor with the performance of a discrete graphics processor. With Switchable Graphics now you can have maximum performance when you need it and long battery life when on-the-go.

Extreme Power Savings for Long Battery Life

Maximize your battery life while on-the-go by switch from discrete to integrated graphics. As compared to discrete graphics, an integrated GPU requires less energy to operate, yielding better power efficiency and improved battery life. This makes it better for situations when your notebook is running on battery – for example when traveling on the road.

Maximum Performance

When the notebook is plugged in to the power socket,  apSwitchable Graphics enables the  discrete graphics processor for astonishing performance. The discrete graphics processor delivers high performance and incredible graphics when your notebook is plugged in. And the power of your graphics processor allows you to enjoy superior HD gaming, Blu-ray movies and other HD content in full HD-1080p.

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