Printers Preferred for Commercial Usage

The Printers which are having abilities like flexible networking, easily print two-sided documents, good print quality, USB direct Interface, fast color output when needed can used commercially. We have made a list of such printers, have a look at it.

Brother HL-6050D

Brother HL-6050D - Printer for Commercial Usage

The main functions of this printer are:

  • Fast color output : With a print speed up to 30ppm in both color and black, you no longer have to wait for brilliant color output.
  • Built-in Networking : Featuring built-in wireless 802.11b/g and Ethernet network interfaces, you can easily share the HL-4570CDW with everyone on your wired or wireless network.
  • Easily print two-sided documents : Using the duplex printing feature, you can help reduce your printing costs and produce professional looking two-sided documents, presentations and brochures.
  • USB Direct Interface : This color laser printer with wireless networking enables you to print PDF and JPEG files directly from your USB flash memory drive without connecting to your PC.
  • High capacity replacement toner cartridges : Spend less time replacing supplies and help reduce operating costs by using high yield replacement toner cartridges.
  • Flexible paper handling : Use 250-sheet capacity paper tray for letter or legal paper. Plus, a 50-sheet capacity multi-purpose tray for envelopes or thicker media.
  • Expandable paper capacity : You can increase your total paper capacity to 800 sheets by adding an optional 500-sheet letter/legal paper tray.

HP LaserJet Pro 400- M451dn Printer

HP LaserJet Pro 400- M451dn Printer - for Commercial UsageBoost productivity and save time with print speeds up to 20 ppm A4 and 21 ppm letter. Produce bold text and smooth color with HP ImageREt 3600 and Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges. Produce color marketing materials in-house on a range of media sizes by using tips and templates from HP. Print documents affordably. Get the same black cost per page as a black-and-white HP LaserJet printer. It also has Built in Ethernet by which you can locate a printer anywhere in the office. Buy this amazing Printer at [button link="" variation="red"]MirchiMart[/button]

Brother HL-6050D

Brother HL-6050D - for Commercial UsageThe main features of this printer are listed below.

  • Large standard input capacity : Easily handle your large print jobs via an up to 500-sheet input tray and a 100-sheet multi-purpose tray: Add an optional 500-sheet paper tray‡.
  • Easily print two-sided documents. Save paper and create professional looking two-sided documents, brochures, and manuals with the duplex printing feature.
  • Protect your confidential documents : Use the secure print capability to ensure that only the person that should see a document actually does.
  • Excellent print quality : Resolution up to 1200x1200dpi ensures all of your documents have crisp text and excellent graphics.


Things You Should Know Before Buying a Printer

Today while buying a printer various people don’t know which one to buy and why? So we are here to get you know about how to buy printer by judging all its qualities. Like while selecting mobile phones we like to know about its hardware, software, price and other additional features. Similarly printers also have some aspects like dpi, paper handling, internal memory and networking, etc.  We can also compile all above with a line: “How To Buy A Printer?” So we going to shine light over the aspects below:

Set Targets

First you need to set budget for your printer. You want to buy colored or black and white Printer, or a multipurpose printer which also has fax, scanner and copier. Set your goals on what do you want from this type of machine. But keep in mind low cost printer will have high cost printing.

After doing all above things you need to know these things:

DPI (Dots Per Inch)

If you want printer for only text based printing you can buy printer with 300, 600 dpi or dots per inch. Since most of the text based printing is done via black and white ink in which we don’t need high resolution printing.

If you want printer for high resolution photos then you need printer with higher dots per inch rate. It will give you image prints at high resolution.

Paper handling

These days, there are various types of printers from small to large size which have different types of paper handling. Some large printers automatically handle paper while most of the printers need manual help to take paper in. If you want to buy for home purpose, then printer holding upto 10-150 sheets per tray is a good option. If you want a printer for Business purpose than you need to expect more in this category, they should have 250-500 sheets holding capacity per tray.

These days printers having duplex feature are making good money. Actually duplex printing allow two sided printing which cuts your paper cost and does its bit for environment also.

Internal Memory

We can also say it as RAM. Mainly Home usage printers don’t have any internal memory but Business usage printers really do. There are different ranges according to printers’ working. If you are going to buy standard printer then check that it must have Internal memory of 32MB to 128MB. If you are opting for high end printers than it must have 256MB to 512MB of RAM.

Different Printers For Different Purposes:

In market many types of printers are available to suit your work need. We are listing some printers for specified work:

Inkjet Printers:

  • High-End, Graphics-oriented machines
  • Speed and Print Quality vary with Inkjet Models but most of them print at slow rate due to its high quality.

Laser Printers:

  • Business Purpose
  • These printers work at fast pace and enable low cost printing
  • High price

Snapshot Printers:

  • As guessed, it is specially made for photo printing

Multifunction Printer:

  • It has fax, scanner, copier and printer all in one machine
  • It is available from low price to high price. Most of these printers (low cost) work on inkjet technology so it may slow down ppi.

So guys if you going to buy a printer keep in mind these points as these would help you to take out better printer for your need and in budget. How many of you going to buy a printer?

Different Types Of Printers

Printer is simply defined as an object which produces images graphically on paper from Electronic Media. But this simply defined word, Printer has various uses and types. For different purposes, people use different types of Printers. Today we are discussing here about types of Printers. Let’s take a look:

Photosmart Printers

Photosmart Printers mainly emphasize on Photos. It is called Photo Printer because it handles photos better and provide quality photo prints. But it doesn’t mean that it only prints, scans or copies Photos, actually it is embedded with fax as well, all-in-one that’s fairly lightweight and compact. If you want quality in your Photos, then Photosmart printers are there for you.

For prices and more details, refer Mirchimart.

Officejet Printers

The name itself explains its usage. Officejet Printers are multi functional printers which print data at fast speeds by ruining its quality. If you want to use a printer just for printing, copying and scanning of Documents, then it is best suited for you. Its simply made for the office user. Have a look at Officejet printers available at Mirchimart for great discounts.

Laserjet Printers

There printers use a laser beam that generates an image, then transfers it to paper electrostatically. Laserjet Printers produce high quality images and text documents. Laser printers have two kinds of printing methods – the monochrome (black and white) and the colored. It is ideal for both business and home use but are basically very expensive. Here are some good deals on Laserjet printers for you at the Mirchimart Store.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet Printers spray ink at a sheet of paper. Ink-jet printers are capable of producing high-quality prints. This printer is used by most of the consumers. For different purposes there are different home and office Inkjet Printers available in the market and at our online Store as well. There are both less expensive Inkjet Printers and expensive Inkjets.

Multifunction Printers

Multifunction Printers also know as MFP ((Multi Function Product/ Printer/ Peripheral) device. Multifunction Printers can act as a printer, scanner, fax machine, can email and also serve as a photocopier. Besides these features, there are some downsides also: it requires a big space for installation, if one part fails then other features also won’t work. Its featured functions can’t do work all at one time. But it provides a more cost effective print solution than other small printers. Check out some new Multifunction Printers at Mirchimart.

Label Printers

I can say this printer varies from smallest to largest size. These printers are stand alone printers which means these are not connected to any computer. They have built in keyboard and print with self-adhesive label material and/or card-stock. These printers are reasonably priced. These printers provide maximum ease to people who work in supply chain management, retail price marking, packaging, etc.

Deskjet Printers

These are inkjet printers but are brand named as Deskjet by HP. There is a huge range of printers in this category. There are Deskjet printers available for small domestic use to large industrial models. It however lacks fax availability. But it’s good for black-and-white as well as color graphics. We have some best deals on Deskjet Printers at MirchiMart’s online store for you to take a look.

Thermal Printers

A thermal printer uses special heat sensitive paper to print an image, using heat to literally burn-in the digital instructions on the paper. These types of printers are used in calculators and fax machines. The quality of print is inferior and is also inexpensive.

You can also print wirelessly via your iPhone or any other smartphone. For detailed information click here.

Check Out:

Canon E500 Vs. HP Dj2060

HP Photosmart 425 Gogo Photo Studio Printer Coming Soon

Printer: Canon E500 Vs. HP Dj2060

Recently we have seen the launch of Canon E500 printer in the market. Canon has priced it for Rs. 6,000 in the market. According to Canon its printer is Ink Efficient and is built to give you an affordable printing experience.  Canon also says that it has packed Canon E500 with the new FINE cartridge which improves color reproduction in the red area for more brilliant colour images. Canon is propagating the high yield (2000 plus pages) of black cartridge being used in this printer through unofficial channels.

To get these facts true, we decided to get this printer tested for the yield and other qualitative aspects. To get it tested, we adopted to compare Canon E500 with HP Dj2060 (in order to compare, we tested both). Here are some gimmicks which our competition has adopted. Take a look at:

  • While Competition is claiming the yield of 2000 plus pages from a single black cartridge, there is no official mention or endorsement of this yield on competition website/product brochure, etc.
  • Call competition helpline no. and customer support executives don’t mention any yield for this printer.
  • The published yield on the brochure (attached in the mail) is 800 pages only as per ISO.

We started the testing with ISO standard page to see the results. The actual yield came out to be 800 pages which is far too low from the reality. After comparing all other aspects with HP Dj2060 we found that HP Dj2060 is a much better proposition for a customer compared to Canon E500. You can check out the image below for full results:

Canon E500 Vs. HP Dj2060 Printer

Click To Zoom


We did a PFV (Price function Value) comparison for HP Dj2060 vis-à-vis Canon E500 and results came in the basket of Hp Dj2060, which is 11% cheaper compared to E500. For arriving a PFV what we did was that wherever there is feature advantage or disadvantage we have assigned a value to that feature and reduced/added back to the MOP of Dj2060 to arrive at net value. For example, there is a clear advantage of Reebok voucher with Dj2060 and we have assigned a value of Rs.600 only to this and reduced from the MOP.

Clear Advantages with Dj2060:

  • HP Dj2060 cartridge prices are more affordable. The POP for black cartridge is 34% lower and for color cartridge it is 50% lower compared to competition.
  • HP Dj2060 is more energy efficient compared to competition.
  • Consumer promo of Reebok voucher worth Rs.1000/-
  • HP brand reliability & wide service network.
  • 120 promoters exclusively dedicated to promote Ink Advantage in key outlets. Please be demanding from these outlets and don’t allow stocking/selling of Canon E500/L series printers from these outlets.

So guys we came to know that HP Dj2060 is an excellent performer in real time and we also grounded Canon’s high flying features. So guys from here HP Dj2060 is way ahead of Canon E500.

HP Photosmart 425 Gogo Photo Studio Printer Coming Soon

Fond of HP Printers? than here’s a good news that HP is going to add HP Photosmart 425 Gogo Photo Studio Photo Printer to its Printers Line up which is part of HP Photosmart 420 series.  It shares a  size (4.9 by 8.9 by 4.6 inches), weight (2.4 pounds) means you can handle it easily, and kiosk-style menu that lets you crop and edit pictures before printing. It features 5.2 MP camera—with 3x optical, 7x digital zoom. To recharge its camera Store the camera on a matching printer with HP docking connection. With its portability it can print 75 prints per fully charged rechargeable battery.

You can also connect the printer to a TV with the supplied video cable and use the bundled remote to view the menus and photos on a TV screen, edit the photos, and print. It takes about 50-120 seconds to print photo taken from docked camera costing around 10 rupees per photo. This printer does not have a black cartridge. All it has is a tiny tri-color cartridge. Its maximum paper size is  4″ x 6″ or 4″ x 7″ inches. It comes with 1 year warranty. And it is rumored to be priced [box_tip]INR 18288 in India [/box_tip]

Guys stay connected with us to get more info on it when it would be available.

FAQ on iPrint and iScan Features For Brother Machines

Brother, a major printer manufacturer in the world introduced us with the new technology which is broadly also known as iScan and iPrint. This technology allows to perform a number of tasks between the two devices without any wire like printing scanning, etc. We are giving answers to some fast question to set up and use it. Here they are:


Q Is it machine compatible with Windows Vista?

Yes, it is compatible with most of the Models varying country wise and region wise.



Q How to Find Serial Number of the Device?

The serial number is located on the back of the unit on the rating plate.



Q Network Shared printing?

If network is set up and you wanted to print from device than you can do this from Network Shared Printing. You can give order from iCloud or iScan App on your device to perform action.



Can I print from and scan to Windows® Phone, Apple and Android Phone?

Yes, you can but it must support this technology.



Q What could happen if paper is not inserted correctly?

It can cause paper jams and damage to the machine, which may not be covered by warranty.



Q Mac OS® X 10.6 utilities and drivers?



Q Multi-Function Link Pro Suite?

Multi-Function Link Pro (MFL Pro) Suite and the MFC Software Suite are software programs designed to give the greatest flexibility, functionality and enjoyment from your Brother machine. It includes the following applications:

For Windows® users:

  • Printer driver
  • Scanner driver
  • PC-FAX software
  • Brother Control Center
  • Remote Setup
  • ScanSoft® PaperPort® with OCR (not available for China)
    - An OCR application for converting an image into text that is integrated into PaperPort®.
  • ScanSoft® PaperPort® (not available for China)
    - A document management application for viewing scanned documents.
  • Presto!® PageManager® (only available for China)
    - A document management application for viewing scanned documents and an OCR application for converting an image into text.
  • True Type fonts

For Macintosh® users:

  • Printer driver
  • Scanner driver
  • PC-FAX software
  • Brother Control Center (only for Mac OS® X 10.2.4 or greater)
  • Presto!® PageManager® (not available for China)
    - A document management application for viewing scanned documents and an OCR application for converting an image into text.
  • Remote Setup (only for Mac OS® X 10.2.4 or greater)



Q If cannot print from my computer via network. (For Windows)?

Step 1.Check the connection

Step 2.Restart the router or hub

Step 3.Check the Firewall setting

Step 4. Download and run the Network Connection Repair Tool



Q To know Current network configuration?

Using the machine’s control panel (only for network-ready machines)

Using the BRAdmin Professional software (only for Windows® Users)

Using the Remote Setup software (only for applicable models)


Download App for Apple, Android